It is becoming quite common these days for people to need storage for their goods while they renovate, or if their possession dates don’t quite line up. We can look after that in a number of ways.

We can provide an estimate for a personal storage cubicle, as we have a number of partners in that industry that we work closely with. This is convenient for some, as it allows access to the goods during the storage period if necessary, and the goods are secure as well. The best part about this is that it allows us to ensure there are no damages to your furniture because we can utilize our moving blankets and equipment to transport your furniture to the storage unit, and then we load the cubicle in such a way to ensure that nothing gets scratched or bent. We’ll even loan out a few blankets for extra fragile items like glass tables, or extremely delicate mirrors/picture frames. Or if you so choose, we can rent our blankets so we don’t even have to unwrap the furniture, saving time on the unloading and the load up when its time to bring it to your new home.

Another option is to have a mobile storage cubicle delivered to your house, and you bring us in to professionally wrap the furniture and load the cubicle. This option has a number of benefits, particularly the cost, as it means we only have to load and unload once. A number of companies are not willing to do this, but we have no issues providing this service to our clients, as we know that people appreciate a professional being able to come and load the cubicle so that nothing gets damaged, and we can generally reduce the size or number of storage pods needed with our loading capabilities. We even provide blanket rentals for short-term storage options like these.