10 Top Tips for When Your Kids Move Out 

September 3, 2019

You never thought this day would come and yet, here it is. Your kid is moving out. It doesn’t matter if they’re freshly 18 or if they’re 25; it’s a lot to handle. There are a lot of emotions when kids move out, not to mention a lot of details to work out. 

As professional movers in Edmonton, we see kids heading out from their childhood homes for a lot of reasons. They might be going to college or university, moving out with a significant other or friend, taking a job somewhere else, or just be in need of some independence. 

Keep stress to a minimum and create an excellent send-off for your kids with these top tips for when your kids move out:


  • Help them find the right place


One of the biggest challenges for new renters or homeowners is finding a place to live that fits the budget and gets them what they need. They probably have a good idea about what they want, but give them some feedback to help them feel confident in their ultimate decision. Take safety and economics into account. It might sound boring, and you’ll probably get a shrug, but that’s what you’re there for, right?


  • Get a good roommate


Moving out on your own doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes it’s better to have someone splitting the rent or mortgage, and if there isn’t a friend or SO in the picture, getting a great roommate is essential. Take the time to talk with your kids about what they picture their lifestyle being and what kind of person they want to live with. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a bad roommate.


  • Help them make a budget


Most young adults who move out are on a tight budget to start. Even with savings in the bank, expenses like rent, utilities, and home or tenant’s insurance add up fast. It might seem self-evident to you, but it’s usually not as obvious for someone starting out on their own. Help your kids make a budget that includes all the regular monthly bills, plus room for those extras they can’t give up. It’s guaranteed to be an eye-opening experience!


  • Get them packing in advance


If you’re in a time crunch and there’s too much to worry about to pack, you can also hire moving companies in Edmonton that offer packing services. This makes for an entirely stress-free move for everyone.


  • Take them shopping for necessities


There are certain things we take for granted when we’re living at home. Can openers, vacuums, garbage bins – these are all items that can easily be missed when you’re shopping. Start making a list of items that might be overlooked in the excitement to prevent those late-night “need this right now” runs to the store later.


  • Plan something fun before moving day


As moving day approaches, there might be some nerves building. After all, you’ve been living together for a long time! If you or your kids feel the stress starting to build, plan an outing or family night in to savour your last moments together and take off some pressure.


  • Hire a moving company


It doesn’t matter if it’s a small move or a big move; hiring moving

services always helps make moving enjoyable and exciting. This is doubly true if you’re completing long-distance moving, but even local moves are difficult to coordinate and organize. 


  • Get them a gift to make it feel like home


Near or far, moving away from home can be a major shock to the 

system. It’s exciting, but it’s also an adventure that comes with unexpected challenges. To help your child feel like they’re at home in a new place, get them a thoughtful gift that reminds them of their first home. A few simple ideas include passing on an item that brings them back to a memory, creating a framed family photo, or giving them something fun and silly to use or look at when times get tough.


  • Let them know you’re still there for them


There’s often a sense of loss on both sides when a child moves out. Transitioning from talking in-person every day to talking less often or on the phone can be a hard pill to swallow. Open up the lines of communication and let them know you’re there to talk when they need to, even if it’s not as often. 


  • Fill your time


We’ve all heard of “empty nest syndrome.” If you don’t have kids left at 

home (or even if you do), it might be hard to find a new routine. Empty nesters often find filling their time with new hobbies, activities, and friends can keep them from feeling like there’s been a loss in their lives. We encourage you to get out and try something new and fun! After all, you worked hard to raise your kids to be independent. Now you can take some time to work on your own goals.

Edmonton Movers Ready to Help Your Family in All Stages of Life

Eager Beaver has helped many families transition to new homes throughout their lives. We’re here for you, whether you’re downsizing or upsizing, moving locally or moving long-distance, or helping kids move out or seniors move in.

Our moving services in Edmonton, AB include packing services and packing materials, storage services, office moves, and so much more! Call us for a free quote so we can give you a great start to the next stage of your life.

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