3 Essential Things to Do After Moving to a New Home

Whether you call on your friends and family to help or hire professional movers, your move day should be exhilarating and the days following should be spent getting comfortable. After all, you’re about to start fresh in a new location with new opportunities awaiting you!

Once moving day has come and gone, it can feel like the whole world has flipped upside down. That why this month, we’re sharing three essential things to do after arriving at your new home that will take the pressure off and help you relax as you begin to explore your new location.


No-Pressure Unpacking

What does no-pressure unpacking look like? It means taking the time to unpack slowly and intentionally. We suggest that you unpack one room at a time (where possible) and find places for everything. Unpacking slowly not only sets you up for an organized home in the long term but also helps you appreciate your new surroundings. Everyone’s pace is different; whether it takes you days or weeks, there’s no shame in having a few boxes leftover months after moving in, as long as you continue to make progress.

If you’re planning to throw yourself a house-warming party or you know that someone close to you is planning one, be honest, and tell them what timeline you’d prefer. It’s your new home; if you’re not ready in the first week, let people know. On the other hand, you should also feel the freedom to celebrate without entirely unpacking first.


Get Yourself Settled

Once you’ve started unpacking and are getting to know your new home, there are other tasks you will want to tackle as well. When you approach your to-do list bit by bit, you’ll feel less overwhelmed, and it will feel easier to check things off.

One of the first things you’ll want to do after moving is to change your address (if you haven’t already started to do this!) You can arrange for mail-forwarding at your local post office. You can also manually change your address online or call someone to have your information updated. You’ll want to make these updates with your bank, utilities, important bills, subscriptions, and any relevant government agencies. You don’t want to miss any important information because you forgot to tell people where to reach you.

The next step in getting settled into your new area is to search out services you use regularly. Depending on how far you’ve moved, you might need to find a new hairstylist, dentist, doctor, or other specialists. Word of mouth and Google reviews are usually the best ways to find your new favourite businesses. You may also want to tap into local social media pages where you can post questions and ask for recommendations. If you have children, you’ll want to research local schools and activity options nearby.


Have Fun and Explore Your Neighbourhood

When you need a break from unpacking and checking things off your to-do list, you should take the time to have fun and explore your new neighbourhood. You could:

  1. Take a walk, bike ride, or drive to see if there are any parks, trails, or interesting sights to see.
  2. If you haven’t unpacked your kitchen yet, take the opportunity to test out some local restaurants in your area and find your new go-to place.
  3. Browse local shops to find your new favourite shopping experience. You might be pleasantly surprised about what you find when you least expect it.


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