5 Challenges Movers Face

 Edmonton is a beautiful and growing city. People come from far and wide for the sprawling river valley, the bustling downtown core, and the excellent job opportunities. That’s good news for movers like us! 

 However, moving in Edmonton isn’t always easy, which is why many people reach out to us for help. If you’ve ever moved in Edmonton, you probably understand the unique challenges facing Edmonton moving companies. They’re challenges the Eager Beaver moving team embraces with confidence, but they’re challenges all the same. 


  1. Unpredictable Weather

 As anyone who has lived in Edmonton knows, the weather is never predictable. From mild and sunny in December to violent snowstorms in July, strange weather can happen at any time of the year. This summer has been particularly rainy, which poses its own challenge. It’s important to us that we keep all our clients’ belongings dry and sealed away from the rain. 


  1. Winter & Summer Road Conditions

It’s usually just a short distance from one location to the next when we’re completing a local move, but road conditions can still impact that drive. Out-of-province moves (or out-of-country moves) can be greatly impacted by the road conditions. Summer is usually easier, with our biggest concern being potholes and construction zones, but winter can be treacherous with snowstorms or black ice. Our movers are experts at handling the Eager Beaver moving trucks in almost any road conditions so we can get your belongings safely from one place to another.


  1. Building Access

 Different styles of homes in Edmonton have different access routes. From elevators in condos to stairs in the bi-level homes that were popular a few decades back, there’s always the challenge of navigating a new home. 

It’s a challenge our clients face too! When we unpack your belongings from the truck on moving day, we always want to put your boxes and furniture exactly where it should go. We even set your furniture up for you! That’s why we always ask clients to start thinking about their new home ahead of time. That way, by the time you walk in, everything will be ready for you to use and you can feel right at home. 


  1. Self-Packing vs. Mover Packing 

 One of the biggest questions for our clients is whether to pack their belongings themselves or leave it to us. We’re happy to help either way but we guide our clients to the best option given their circumstances. An elderly couple or busy family with a lot of rooms may want our professional help with packing, while a younger couple upgrading to a new home could manage packing well on their own with just a few supplies from Eager Beaver. 

 Whatever route you choose to go when you decide to move within Edmonton, make sure you’re using quality packing supplies. Or, look into our packing services to receive extra care for your belongings.


  1.   Keeping Both Houses Looking New

 This is a challenge all movers face, not just moving companies in Edmonton. It’s our job to get your belongings from A to B without causing any damages in either home. Whether you rent or own, are buying or selling, you need to know your walls, floors, and belongings are protected. 

 Eager Beaver has been helping Edmontonians move for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve created extremely strong systems to guarantee the quality of your move. Our moving services in Edmonton come with a guarantee just in case we run into any challenges. 


Moving in Edmonton? Hire Professional Movers in Edmonton Who Care!

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