5 Tips for Seniors Moving to Make Downsizing Easier

Getting older can make it harder to maintain a larger living space, so downsizing is a good option to lighten the everyday load for seniors. Moving into a smaller home, a condo, an assisted living facility, or in with family is a logical step forward for many seniors, and Eager Beaver Moving & Storage is here to make that process as stress-free as possible. To get you started, here are our top tips to make downsizing for seniors easier.


1. Start Packing Early

Many people will describe moving as highly stressful and overwhelming, and we agree that it can be. Our best recommendation to make the entire process easier is to start planning early. Start going through your things months ahead of time, enlist family and friends to help, and stay organized. When you begin the process of sorting, purging, and organizing well in advance, you’ll find a large portion of stress disappear.


2. Give Items to Family Members

When you start sorting through your belongings, you’ll run into those collections of things that you put aside an indeterminate amount of time ago. This is the time to start giving those items to the people you saved them for and passing on items or heirlooms that you don’t want to include in your new space but still want to hold on to or keep track of.


3. Sell Used Items

Moving can be a costly endeavour, so it helps to sell some things you don’t need anymore to make a little extra change. While sorting items, you can start a pile of things you’d like to sell, things you’d like to donate, things you’d like to pass on, and things you’d like to get appraised. When your “to sell” pile is ready to go, selling online or holding a garage sale is an excellent start to passing on your belongings.

When it comes to more valuable items, it is worth getting them appraised by an expert to find out how much they are really worth, and the answer may surprise you. Even if you’re unsure about the item, you never know. An old, nondescript book on the back of your shelf could be a valuable collectable, and that’s a find you don’t want to overlook.


4. Donate Unwanted Items

If you’re not too worried about the financial aspect of moving and don’t want to go to the lengths of hosting a garage sale, you can always donate your unwanted things to charities or second-hand shops. While sorting through your belongings, create a box to keep items that you and your family don’t want or need that can go to charity.


5. Hire Expert Packers and Movers

One very simple way to reduce moving stress and ensure that things go smoothly is to hire an experienced and professional senior moving company to help you out. A knowledgeable and caring company such as Eager Beaver can help simplify the moving process for you with expert packers and movers who will make organization, loading, moving, unloading, and more as easy as possible.

If you pack things yourself, make sure to clearly label things and pack according to our trusted packing tips to ensure your belongings are safe and secure during transport and are easily placed in the right location when unloaded. Then, Eager Beaver will show up and be able to load and unload and move with ease.


Moving Services for Seniors in Edmonton

At Eager Beaver, we strive to make moving as stress-free as possible. Whether that’s through our packing services, moving services, or moving tips, we are here to help. You can connect with us by phone or email, or in person at our Edmonton office. Feel free to visit us on Instagram and Facebook for more info and updates on moving services in Edmonton. To get started with making your move as smooth as it can be, get your free moving estimate today.