6 Reasons to Hire Moving Services in Edmonton 

The moment you decide to move to a new place comes with a sense of thrill and anticipation. The excitement is often a solid motivator for you to begin sorting and purging your home. As soon as you mark your moving date on your calendar, you have an important decision to make: should you hire professional movers or do it yourself and ask friends and family for help? Let’s discuss six of the most common reasons why Edmonton area residents hire our professional movers at Eager Beaver Moving and Storage.


Less Hassle

Planning a move requires a long to-do list. There are to juggle during the process of a move. Hiring a professional moving company to load up your items, transport them to your new location, and unload them again takes some of the pressure off your shoulders on moving day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about driving a large moving vehicle through the city or getting stuck in traffic. You deserve to have a little extra support with the physical move and less hassle overall.


Save Time and Money

Professional movers take the stress and time out of the moving equation so you can focus on the details that require your attention. At Eager Beaver Moving and Storage, we offer packing, moving, and storage solutions for residential, commercial, or long-distance moves. Our efficient, secure packing methods can save you money on supplies. We can also save you money by protecting your items during the physical move and offering moving insurance. Our movers are cautious while loading and unloading to ensure your goods are delivered intact.


Less Physical Effort

Moving is a physical challenge. We have a whole blog post describing best practices for packing boxes, but you can also hire Eager Beaver Moving and Storage to take care of the packing for you. Professional movers know how to pack boxes to prevent items from shifting around or breaking within while also protecting their backs from injury. You’ll still need to take care of the pre-packing tasks, such as purging belongings you no longer wish to keep. Once you’ve donated all the items you no longer want to take with you, our professional movers will pack up the rest using our expert techniques and sturdy supplies.


Move-in Faster

When the physical moving of your furniture, boxes, and other personal items is taken care of for you, you’ll be able to move into your new home faster. Think of all the energy you’ll save when you don’t have to load the moving truck, drive the truck to your destination, or unload your items. All you’ll need to do is take care of closing up the home you’re leaving and opening up your new house.

Our professional movers will categorize and label your boxes and furniture by room in your new home, such as kitchen, primary bedroom, living room, etc. When we arrive at your new home, we’ll place your items in the pre-determined rooms so you can immediately begin to unpack, knowing your stuff is in the right spot.


Professional Packing

Professional packing can be reason alone to hire a moving company in Edmonton. We provide packing paper, tape, and sturdy boxes as part of our service. Our years of experience moving homes of all varieties allows us to pack efficiently and securely. When you hire professional movers to take care of the packing, you can avoid the headaches of opening boxes to find broken dishes, not remembering what you packed, or running out of packing supplies in the middle of the process.


Storage Services

At Eager Beaver Moving and Storage, we offer various storage solutions to help make your move easier. If you require extra time to prepare for your move or need a place to store your furniture in between destinations, try our portable storage containers. We’ll deliver it to your property so you can sort, pack, and keep your items securely as you pack up your home. If you need to store your things between moves, our secure facility will house your container until you’re ready for it. When you’re ready, we’ll transport the container to your new home so you can unpack it at the pace that’s right for you.


Stress-Free Moving in Edmonton

Eager Beaver Moving and Storage are your highly recommended movers in Edmonton. Our family-owned and operated business has served Albertans for generations. Our goal is to make your move as hassle-free as possible. Contact our professional movers to learn more about our process or use our online tool to get a free moving estimate instantly.