9 Tips for Moving in Edmonton During the Winter

The weather can be unpredictable in Edmonton’s winter months. Extreme cold warnings, unexpected snowstorms, and terrible road conditions are just a few roadblocks you might encounter on a winter move. Here are nine winter moving tips to make moving day goes smoothly between November and March. 


Keep Checking the Weather & Be Flexible in Your Moving Plans


It’s not always possible to reschedule your moving plans, but in some cases, it might be the safer option. If there’s a severe cold snap or major storm and you can manage to put off your plans until the worst is over, your move will probably feel a lot less stressful and hard to organize.


Pack Fragile or Cold-Sensitive Items Separately


Some items in your house (such as electronics) might be sensitive to cold temperatures. Fragile items are also more at-risk in extreme temperatures. Bringing dishes and glassware from a warm house to a cold moving truck to a warm house again puts them at greater risk of shattering. You can avoid this by double-wrapping these items in blankets or packing them in your personal vehicle instead of the moving truck.


Hire Movers


Your friends and family love you enough to help you move, but there’s a good chance you love them enough to hire professional movers. At this time of year, moving services are far more appreciated.


As an added benefit, booking your move (even last-minute) is typically easier in the winter because moving companies aren’t as busy. If there’s a gap between your move-out and possession date, look for Edmonton movers with heated storage options so your housewares stay warm while you’re waiting for your new house. 


Have Your Heat & Power Set Up in the New Place


Even minor winter weather becomes a major issue when you arrive at your new place and find out there isn’t heat or power. Get set up before you go to avoid a dark and chilly surprise. 


Make Sure the Snow is Removed at Both Places


A clear path means less time spent outside fighting through the snow to get items from the house to the truck (and vice versa). If you can, head to your destination home to clear the snow before the movers arrive, or ask a friend or neighbour to help out,


Protect Your Floors with Plastic Sheeting


Tracking snow, salt, and sand into your old or new home is never ideal. To get in and out easily without hurting the carpets or hardwood, put down plastic sheeting or cardboard before you start. If you hire professional movers, they’ll protect your floor with rubber mats and ensure everything is wrapped in blankets before it’s moved out to protect your walls.


Keep Warm Clothes and an Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle 


It’s always a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car, but a winter kit during moves (especially long-distance moves) is essential. Make sure you have extra warm clothes packed, as well as candles and matches, food and unfrozen water, emergency blankets, and a basic first aid kit.


Have Your Vehicle Serviced Before You Go


A car breaking down on the way to your new home can put a wrench in a smooth moving day experience. Have your car checked over and serviced before you leave, and if you live in Alberta, consider getting some new winter tires put on to combat the snow and ice.


Keep it Enjoyable!


Moving day doesn’t have to be a blur of boxes, last-minute details, and checklists. Keep it light by having hot chocolate and hot coffee on hand for everyone to stay warm. Put on a great playlist and be sure to pack your warm blankets last so you can curl up comfortably in your new house at the end of the day.


We’re Here to Help You Move in the Winter (and Year-Round)


If you’re looking for a reliable moving company in Edmonton to help you with your winter move, get in touch with our moving professionals. As a local business with decades of moving in Alberta, we can help guarantee stress-free residential and office moves in Edmonton, no matter what the weather looks like!