Dear Valued Clients,

As an essential service, Eager Beaver Moving will continue to operate during the pandemic, and we are committed to ensuring our clients’ and crew members’ safety throughout the moving process. Our protocols, which are detailed below, align with current jurisdictional Covid-19 mandates legislated by the Provincial Government and Alberta Health Services. We continue to stay on top of guideline changes and will adjust our policies and procedures as required.

We realize that situations will arise that may require you to postpone or make changes to your booking during these unpredictable times due to illness, potential Covid-19 exposure, location restrictions and other factors. Our first priority is to ensure everyone’s safety, and we understand that these changes create added stress but rest assured, we will reschedule your move as soon as you are ready and able.  

The following is a list of the measures Eager Beaver Moving has currently enacted:

  1. Health Check: Every evening, a staff health check is completed to screen for symptoms consistent with the COVID-19 virus. Those experiencing symptoms are required to remain at home and contact Alberta Health Services. Anyone arriving at work with visible symptoms is sent home.    
  2. Disinfectant:  High touchpoints in our office, warehouse, trucks and equipment are disinfected daily. Our crews are supplied with disinfectant to clean touchpoints on the move site(s) when necessary, such as entrances to apartment complexes, elevator controls, etc. We encourage our clients to wipe down furniture and other surfaces after our crews have departed as an extra precaution.
  3. Pre-move customer wellness check: The day before your move, a member of the Eager Beaver Team will contact you to complete a wellness check. The purpose of this screening is to confirm that no one who will be onsite the day of the move is experiencing any signs of illness. Please note we have instructed our crew to contact the head office to report any concerns if someone on the move site displays Covid-19 symptoms. If the situation is deemed unsafe, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel your move to protect crew members and our other customers’ health and well-being. If you have travelled outside the country in the prior two weeks leading up to your moving date, we ask that you contact our office to postpone your move.
  4. Physical distancing: We usually begin our moving service with an introduction of the crew and a friendly handshake, but for now, we must adhere to the physical distancing guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services and ask that our customers maintain a 6-foot distance from our crew members at all times. If space allows, it is safest to remain in another room away from the crew as they work. We ask that you not touch or hug our team members for everyone’s safety (yes, believe it or not, many of our customers want to hug us at the end of a job!) 
  5. Masks: Our crew members are required to wear masks as stipulated by Alberta Health Services. We ask that our clients also comply with provincial regulations and wear masks at all times while on each move site. 
  6. Minimizing crowds: Please limit the number of people present on the day of your move, particularly in smaller apartments where space is already tight. We understand that our senior clients may require assistance in directing traffic and advising our crew of essential details. In this case, we ask that you limit helpers to only one extra person on the move site and that anyone else arrives after our crew has departed from the premises. 
  7. Air circulation: If possible, please open outside doors and windows to keep air circulating.
  8. Hand washing: Our crew regularly cleans their hands with sanitizer but may also require access to a sink to wash their hands with soap and water periodically throughout the day. 
  9. Signatures and Payments: We utilize electronic devices to collect signatures and process payments. Crew members disinfect all items that require physical contact, including cell phones, tablets, payment machines and pens after each use.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with our policies. The goal is to keep everyone safe while providing quality moving and packing services to our community during this challenging time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call our office at 780-434-1100 at any time. 

Yours truly,


John Watson

Owner – Eager Beaver Moving