Are there any hidden fees?


All of our charges are disclosed up front and will appear on your written estimate that is provided when you book. However, please keep in mind that we do not provide “quotes” as in a fixed price unless it is requested, in which case it will state as much on the written documentation you receive. All of our estimates are variable; your final price will depend on how long the job actually takes and any chargeable materials we use at your request. The estimates we send out are calculated based on information provided by you whether over the phone or by written correspondence, as well as average move times that moves of that description have taken in the past. Please remember that no two moves are the same, and there are dozens of details that are different on every move that can substantially affect the final charges. If partial or inaccurate information is given, it will likely result in the final price coming in much higher than whatever estimate we provided.

Most of our equipment is included in the hourly rate, so that would include non-consumable materials such as floor protection, moving blankets, tools, dollies and hand-trucks (two-wheelers). We do not charge extra for tape if we are using it to wrap your furniture, or if we are packing your goods on a per unit basis. However, other consumable items such as mattress bags, boxes, wardrobes, TV cartons, packing paper, and bubble wrap would be charged out according to their usage. We wouldn’t proceed with using these items without your authorization.