Are you able to take some of our items to the Eco station or a donation centre?


Certainly! For a stop at a donation centre, there is no additional cost apart from the time it takes to go there. We generally just estimate this time based on the distance and the anticipated wait time and amount of stuff to unload at the donation centre.

For item disposal, if it is just several items, we can dispose of them for one extra hour of time on your bill, plus the per item fee charged by the Eco station (e.g. mattresses are $15 each, most furniture items are $12 per piece). We take the item(s) back to our warehouse, load them on a pickup truck, take them to the Eco station and wait in line. Unfortunately, our trucks are too big to go into the Eco station, as it is meant for residential customers not commercial, so we charge an extra hour to account for this process. For larger loads of stuff that you want disposed of, we can make a trip to the dump at our regular hourly rates, plus the fees at the dump, which are about $80/ton.