Can you move my plants?


Unfortunately, due to the nature of moving live plants, we can not provide any guarantee that the plant will survive the move. Even if we spend all the time and the crate them up, there is still no guarantee. If these plants hold sentimental value to you, I strongly recommend moving them yourself. In the winter months, it can be particularly risky to move live plants as the cold weather can kill them very easily. If they absolutely must be moved in the truck due to the size of them, we recommend ensuring they are kept nowhere near your front door (or whichever door we are moving the items out of) as it can get quite cold near the doorway since we are opening and closing it frequently, or sometimes leaving it open for extended periods of time. This can very easily kill the plant. Keep them well away from the doorways until the very last minute, and we can put it in the truck at the very end, and it comes off the truck first at the new place. This is the only way to minimize the risk of the plant not surviving.