Do you move my TV? What if it breaks?


Due to the fragility of TV’s these days, we are unable to guarantee against damages, particularly to the screens. Also, the electronic components inside a TV are beyond our control and could malfunction at any time. As a result, we cannot accept any liability for electronic components inside TVs, and really any electronics. In the past, we would typically wrap them up in moving blankets, and strategically place them somewhere in the truck to minimize the chance of them getting damaged. 99% of the time this method worked, however there were times where the screen was inexplicably scratched, thus putting us in an awkward position with our clients. In some cases, we ended up having to replace the TV even though there was no reasonable explanation for how the scratches could’ve occurred. Also, on large moves with multiple TV’s, it becomes difficult to find a safe spot for all of them amongst all the other stuff we have to fit into the truck. For these reasons, we have begun to make TV cartons available to our customers to safely pack them inside a box so that the chance of damage is reduced considerably. There is an additional charge for these as they are a consumable item, similar to our wardrobe rental system.