Do you move pianos?


It really depends on the piano, and where it is in the house. If there is a turn in the stairs, and the piano has to go on end around a corner, and it’s a large upright (shoulder height as opposed to chest height) we prefer to leave these situations to professional piano movers. For grand or baby grand pianos we would also recommend hiring a professional piano mover. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them are the considerations that piano movers are trained and conditioned for moving extremely heavy items involving short bursts of strength, whereas our guys are more trained and conditioned for moving at a steady pace moving many items all day long, so to add in an exceptionally heavy item in the middle of their work day can put strain on the body and lead to injury. The other factors are that sometimes special equipment is required for these difficult piano moves, and there is an experience factor that comes into play when you do something repeatedly all day. Our guys encounter pianos rather infrequently so they aren’t necessarily going to be as experienced at moving them. This can lead to either damages to your home or piano, or possibly an injury which I don’t think anyone wants to see.