Do you sell additional insurance?


We do not sell insurance, as it is prohibited by law to sell insurance unless you are a licensed insurance broker. There is a distinction between us having insurance to cover our mistakes and protect us for things that we are liable and offering you insurance for your belongings. What we offer free of charge is a commitment to taking responsibility for damages that arose due to mistakes made on our part during the moving process. However, if a claim arises due to the inherent flaws in a particular piece of furniture that was damaged, for example a piece of pressboard furniture falls apart because it is poorly constructed and wasn’t designed to be moved multiple times, or a dish that breaks inside a customer-packed box, unfortunately we would not accept liability for items like that. We recommend reading through the terms and conditions on the contract that we send out in advance of your move, so you can be informed of what we will and will not take responsibility for and take any appropriate steps to move vulnerable items in a personal vehicle, or have them professionally packed by our team.

We can however provide what is called valuation. This is a standard method in the moving industry to provide protection and peace of mind for customers who want replacement value coverage for their items. Typically, you would declare the replacement value of all of your possessions being moved, and pay a valuation fee of $1 for every $100 in value. So if you wanted $100,000 in coverage, it would cost $1000, which would allow you to make a claim for a damaged item that could not be fixed. There would be a $500 deductible to invoke the coverage, and it would cover a maximum of $5000 per item. If you need additional coverage for your exceptionally high value items, we highly recommend contacting your home insurance provider to discuss options with them.