How should I prepare my lamps for the move?


We recommend getting some relatively large boxes, at least a 5 cubic foot box that’s fairly deep. Take the shades off the lamps and either take those in the car or pack them in a separate box all by themselves and clearly label it fragile ‘lamp shades’. It’s also recommended that you wrap the shades in packing paper, particularly if you’re going to stack a few together. For the lamp(s), stand one in each corner of the box, and put soft stuff around and in between them like towels, linen, or pillows. If they are glass or ceramic, I would also provide some cushioning underneath the lamps so they aren’t just sitting right in the bottom of the box. If they are extraordinarily fragile or very sentimental, I would almost recommend taking them in the car as we cannot take responsibility for anything we don’t actually pack professionally ourselves.