Is there a way I should pile my stuff to make it quicker/easier to move? Would help if I put furniture first, last, or keep the heavy things separate?


Honestly, we don’t take all of one thing first or last, it’s actually easiest if you just leave things as is with the boxes stacked neatly somewhere so we can grab whatever is going to fit the best. We actually load so that the boxes are kind of distributed amongst the furniture, as we build things into what we call “tiers”, which are typically 2-3′ deep where we build a solid base, usually with a dresser and a couple of nightstands, or something else that is quite solid, then we build upward from there from heavy on bottom to light on top.

We usually advise against piling up everything in one room because it makes it harder to pick and choose what we want to load first, and the crew can’t spread out throughout the house to wrap the furniture without tripping over each other.

So don’t worry about trying to stack everything up, it might actually make us less efficient. If for instance you have a basement and you’d like to clear that out to save time, that is definitely welcome. Also, if you want to dismantle the beds in advance or take apart other large pieces like office desks or large tables, that will help out with time. But keep in mind that it can be harder for us to put them back together if we didn’t also take them apart, unless it’s really straightforward.