What is your liability?


Depending on the item and damage caused, we would work out a fair compensation amount if the item is unable to be repaired, or an appearance allowance (a dollar value to compensate you for a damaged item that is otherwise still functional but may have a slight flaw that either cannot be repaired, or is not worth repairing). Our company will only cover the actual cash value of the items. For high value items, we recommend exploring what coverage you have under your home insurance policy, as we will not cover items over $5000 in value. This is not unlike your home insurance policy which would require you to declare items of extraordinary value and pay extra to have them insured. Unless we are professionally packing expensive televisions, artwork, and/or glassware then we cannot accept liability for such items as they are extremely fragile and so must be properly prepared for transport by a professional. For instance, a glass table should be crated for transport. When it was shipped from the manufacturer to the store you purchased it from, it was in a crate. There are methods and techniques we can employ to minimize the risk of damage to such an item, but to truly transport it with no risk, it would have to be crated and that would cost extra.