How do you protect my furniture? Floors?

We professionally wrap everything in the house with our moving blankets and things are not unwrapped until we get them in place at the other end. We also have a special type of rubberized floor runner that we lay throughout the house so that as we go in and out with our dollies we are not damaging or dirtying your floors.

Do you move my TV? What if it breaks?

We move TV’s every single day of the week, and if we broke them all the time we would be out of business. We wrap your TV up in our moving blankets, carry them out cautiously and strap them so they are flat against the wall of the truck so that nothing can happen to them.

Do you guys set up the beds and dressers at the new place?

Yes! We set up everything we took apart! But it gets better…because we bill hourly, we can set up anything even if you took it apart or was disassembled it at an earlier date, provided all the parts are there and it’s either pretty straightforward or instructions are provided.

Can I leave the clothes in my dresser?

Yes, absolutely leave the clothes in your dresser, however any knick knacks or breakables should be packed separately should we need to tip the dresser on end, as they could fall out or get damaged.

Can I pay for my move with credit card?

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard as appropriate forms of payment. Unfortunately we are not set up for debit payment at this time. We will accept a personal check, but arrangements must be made with the office beforehand.

Do you charge for fuel?

Currently we do not have a fuel surcharge, in recognition of the fact that fuel costs are at a reasonable rate at the present time. Other companies are still charging for it, but we chose to pass the savings onto our customers. However, there may come a time when fuel costs do begin to rise again, and we may have to re-introduce a fuel surcharge. If that time comes, we will certainly be up front about it and it will not be a hidden cost that only gets mentioned when it’s time to do up the bill.

Why do you charge travel time?

Travel time is standard in the moving industry, and it is there to cover the cost of paying our employees from the time they show up to work, to the time they leave work at the end of the day. We charge one hour of travel time for locations within the city, which is a flat rate basis. Although sometimes it may be only a 15 minute drive, there are times when traffic, construction delays, or sheer distance makes our travel time exceed the one hour so we just stick to a one hour flat rate travel time. Locations outside of the city can cost extra.

How do I pack the clothes in my closet?

We have wardrobe boxes that we rent to customer’s for the day, that allow you to just hang the clothes right inside, meaning they don’t get wrinkled and you don’t have to spend an hour putting all the hangers back on later if you pack your clothes in normal boxes. An 18” wardrobe is $7 to rent for the day. Another bonus of renting our wardrobes is that you don’t have to go out and buy them. Aside from the cost of between $15-20 each, they are often to big to fit in a normal car, even when flattened. This way, after the move you don’t have to worry about what to do with all these boxes that you paid a fortune for.

What should we do with the televisions? Do we need the original boxes?

No, we move several TV’s per day, and they are a lot less fragile than everybody things. We just wrap them in our blankets, sometimes double wrap them if they seem like they need it, and then we secure it somewhere in the truck where it won’t move, such as up flat against the wall. To this day we have never broken a TV, and 99% of them are out of the box when moved.

Should we empty the dresser drawers?

Yes and no. If it is just clothing or other softer, lighter items, then please feel free to leave them in the drawers. If it is smaller items, like jewelry, change, picture frames, papers, or other things like that, it’s best to empty the drawer as sometimes we need to tip a dresser on end and this causes all those things to fall out the bottom of the dresser.