Do I need to be onsite for the move?

We only require someone there are the beginning for a walk through to show us what goes and at the end for a final check and lock up. If someone other than yourself will be on site during the move, please provide us with the name and contact information so that we can keep them updated on the day of the move.

Is there a way I should pile my stuff to make it quicker/easier to move? Would help if I put furniture first, last, or keep the heavy things separate?

Honestly, we don’t take all of one thing first or last, it’s actually easiest if you just leave things as is with the boxes stacked neatly somewhere so we can grab whatever is going to fit the best. We actually load so that the boxes are kind of distributed amongst the furniture, as we build things into what we call “tiers”, which are typically 2-3′ deep where we build a solid base, usually with a dresser and a couple of nightstands, or something else that is quite solid, then we build upward from there from heavy on bottom to light on top.

We usually advise against piling up everything in one room because it makes it harder to pick and choose what we want to load first, and the crew can’t spread out throughout the house to wrap the furniture without tripping over each other.

So don’t worry about trying to stack everything up, it might actually make us less efficient. If for instance you have a basement and you’d like to clear that out to save time, that is definitely welcome. Also, if you want to dismantle the beds in advance or take apart other large pieces like office desks or large tables, that will help out with time. But keep in mind that it can be harder for us to put them back together if we didn’t also take them apart, unless it’s really straightforward.

Am I able to get a more exact quote if I prepare a detailed list of furniture?

It is difficult to base a quote on a list of furniture.

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and no two items are going to take the same amount of time to move. As an example, certain bed frames take longer to take apart than others. The level of care required can vary from one dresser to the next or one bookshelf to the next. Some are quite fragile, others just need a pad draped over it, others are extremely large and heavy and will inevitably take much longer to get out of the house, which is why a list of furniture does not tell the whole story.

There is also a lot of variation in the level of difficulty in the loading and unloading conditions at various houses (i.e. a tight fit through doorway or a 3-storey townhouse with most items going to the third floor). Some houses we can back right up to the doorstep, others we need to carry everything down a sidewalk and up a ramp. The reason we charge by the hour is to account for these variables that can have a major effect on the cost.

Ultimately, we will move everything as quickly and efficiently as possible without risking damage to the items or home and I can assure you, you will be satisfied with the work ethic of the crew.

If however you are more comfortable with some cost certainty, you can request a flat rate or guaranteed price for the move. For this option however, we will need to do an onsite estimate, and a more detailed description of what we will be responsible for moving will need to be created.

Can I ride on the truck with the crew between locations?

Unfortunately, our insurance only covers our employees and your goods so we are not able to take additional passengers.

Why is the truck included if I’m only moving items on location?

All the equipment needed to provide professional services is transported in our moving trucks, including dollies, floor runners, moving blankets, and tools. These items make your move go much quicker and smoother and help to prevent damages from occurring to your home or furniture.

This is also the mode of transport for the crews to and from the jobs, so this is why our rates include the truck regardless of whether or not we load items onto it or not.

Furthermore, our liability for damages is only offered if we are performing the job the way we have trained our movers to do so using our professional equipment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy

The deposit is refundable as long as written notice is provided at least 72 hours before your scheduled service; however, a $25 merchant processing fee is deducted from the refund to cover the merchant transaction fees paid on the deposit amount.

If you cancel or reschedule your move less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled date, the deposit is no longer refundable but can be applied to a rescheduled date. (See our Reschedule Policy for further details).

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the move date will result in the minimum job hours being charged to your credit card, as indicated in the Estimate and Moving Contract.

What is your rescheduling policy?

Reschedule Policy

We require 48 hours written notice to reschedule your moving services.  Your deposit will be applied to the rescheduled service date.

Do the movers take breaks?

Our guys work really hard to impress our customers, but of course every now and then they do need to take a 5-10 minute breather. These very short breaks are typically not taken off the bill unless the customer asks us to, but bear in mind that these breaks ensure that they can carry on at a very quick pace throughout the day. If they didn’t take a 5-minute breather every few hours, I doubt they would be able to work at the pace they do all day long, so in reality it does not add time to the bill. If they do stop for lunch in between the load and the unload, they would certainly deduct that off your bill. This is rare however, as our movers typically want to just get the job done. If anything, they may stop for a drink at a gas station on the way to the new place, which wouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

Can my husband help instead of a third crew member?

It is not our preference to have customers or their friends/families assisting as we cannot permit anyone onto the truck that is not an employee of our company for insurance reasons.

Additionally, if any damages occur, we cannot accept any responsibility, as it is difficult to determine if it was us or one of the customer-supplied helpers.

However, there are ways that customers can help out to make things go quicker. One way is to take apart and/or reassemble furniture; another is to take the boxes to where they belong in the house so we can just place them in the front room which makes things go quicker and saves you money. Please note that if this help is offered, we cannot take responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the floors, walls, or furniture.

Are you able to take some of our items to the Eco station or a donation centre?

Certainly! For a stop at a donation centre, there is no additional cost apart from the time it takes to go there. We generally just estimate this time based on the distance and the anticipated wait time and amount of stuff to unload at the donation centre.

For item disposal, if it is just several items, we can dispose of them for one extra hour of time on your bill, plus the per item fee charged by the Eco station (e.g. mattresses are $15 each, most furniture items are $12 per piece). We take the item(s) back to our warehouse, load them on a pickup truck, take them to the Eco station and wait in line. Unfortunately, our trucks are too big to go into the Eco station, as it is meant for residential customers not commercial, so we charge an extra hour to account for this process. For larger loads of stuff that you want disposed of, we can make a trip to the dump at our regular hourly rates, plus the fees at the dump, which are about $80/ton.

Are the movers able to disassemble and assemble furniture?

Yes! We can disassemble your furniture, such as bed frames at your origin and then re-assemble it in your new location.

Additionally, we can assemble furniture you took apart or disassembled earlier, provided all the parts are there, and assembly is straightforward, or instructions are provided.  Please note that we do not assemble cribs for liability reasons.

Please remember that disassembly and re-assembly of furniture will add time to your bill. Also, our crews are equipped with basic tools but not an exhaustive tool kit, so if any special tools are required, we may not have the ability to provide this service.

Certain exercise equipment that is extremely complex (pully systems, large home gyms) is better left to a professional equipment installer.

How do you protect my furniture? Floors?

We professionally wrap everything in the house with our moving blankets and things are not unwrapped until we get them in place at the other end. We also have a special type of rubberized floor runner that we lay throughout the house so that as we go in and out with our dollies we are not damaging or dirtying your floors. Some items may be safe to take out to the truck without fully wrapping it in the house, however, rest assured that we will still drape a blanket over it in the truck to protect it during transit. This is often a time saving measure for items that aren’t particularly fragile, and we try to use our common sense to determine if we can save a little time on your bill by doing this with some of the furniture.


Are there any hidden fees?

All of our charges are disclosed up front and will appear on your written estimate that is provided when you book. However, please keep in mind that we do not provide “quotes” as in a fixed price unless it is requested, in which case it will state as much on the written documentation you receive. All of our estimates are variable; your final price will depend on how long the job actually takes and any chargeable materials we use at your request. The estimates we send out are calculated based on information provided by you whether over the phone or by written correspondence, as well as average move times that moves of that description have taken in the past. Please remember that no two moves are the same, and there are dozens of details that are different on every move that can substantially affect the final charges. If partial or inaccurate information is given, it will likely result in the final price coming in much higher than whatever estimate we provided.

Most of our equipment is included in the hourly rate, so that would include non-consumable materials such as floor protection, moving blankets, tools, dollies and hand-trucks (two-wheelers). We do not charge extra for tape if we are using it to wrap your furniture, or if we are packing your goods on a per unit basis. However, other consumable items such as mattress bags, boxes, wardrobes, TV cartons, packing paper, and bubble wrap would be charged out according to their usage. We wouldn’t proceed with using these items without your authorization.

Do you take a deposit to secure a booking?

 A 10% deposit is required with a Visa or MasterCard to secure your booking once the estimate has been accepted. The deposit is refundable* if cancellation notification is given 72 hours prior to the move.

Partial upfront payment is required for exceptionally large jobs and jobs originating or delivering to locations outside of Edmonton and surrounding areas.

We reserve the right to collect a larger deposit to secure the booking on any job if we deem it necessary.

* A $25 administrative fee will be applied to jobs cancelled within 72 hours of the booking.

Is it more expensive to move on a weekend or at the end of the month?

As a moving company, we strive to provide competitive pricing for our services. However, prices are subject to fluctuations and may be higher on certain days and during certain times of the year. Weekends and the end of the month tend to be in higher demand, which could lead to higher pricing for our services during those times.

Additionally, during peak season, which usually occurs during the spring and summer months, we may experience higher volumes of requests for our services. As a result, our pricing may be subject to change during this time to reflect the increased demand for our services.

We understand that pricing is an important factor when choosing a moving company, and we want to be transparent about the potential fluctuations in our pricing. We aim to provide high-quality services at a fair and reasonable price, and we will always do our best to communicate any changes in our pricing as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our pricing policies. We are always happy to provide more information and help you find the best moving solution for your needs.

Do you use weight to calculate prices?

We do not use weights to calculate prices.  Since the majority of our moves are local, we charge hourly as it’s a simpler and more accurate representation of the amount of work involved in performing your move, and cuts out the unnecessary cost of sending the truck (and crew) to the scale to weigh every shipment.

Why do you charge travel time?

Travel time is standard in the moving industry, and it is there to cover the cost of paying our employees from the time they show up to work, to the time they leave work at the end of the day. It is pretty common in virtually every industry to charge a fee to dispatch a service crew, whether it’s a plumber or electrician, and it’s no different in moving. There is a cost in creating each appointment, and transporting the moving truck and crew to your location, and in our industry it is commonly referred to as a “trip fee” or “travel time” instead of “service fee”. Some companies adjust their pricing to eliminate this, but rest assured it is showing up somewhere in the price.

Do you charge for fuel?

Yes, a fuel surcharge will be automatically added to each job and will appear on your Estimate.


What is Valuation Protection?

Valuation Protection is a type of (limited) liability coverage assumed by a moving company, which means, if your goods are lost or damaged during the move, the moving company agrees to pay a specified amount and will only pay on a claim directly caused by the movers. This includes such loss or damage occurring during transportation, packing, unpacking, handling or while in storage.

In Canada, this limited liability coverage is legislated through the Transportation Act and stipulates that the household furniture coverage limit is $0.60 per pound per article. An example of a valuation protection maximum calculation would be if the movers damaged a 100 lb item, the payout is 100 x .60 = $60.00.

Certain items are not covered for damages with any level of valuation protection coverage.  Please read the Disclosure of Terms and Conditions of Cartage in the Contract for Service for clarification.

Valuation Protection Coverage Options

Eager Beaver offers three levels of coverage: Released Rate Liability (Free), Deluxe Value Protection ($5.00 per pound), or Premium Value Protection ($10.00 per pound)

Option One: Released Rate Liability

This is the basic coverage included at no extra charge, as set by the Transportation Act, and is limited to $0.60 per pound per article. Single items weighing 1000 lbs or more are limited to a maximum settlement amount of $500 per item.

Released Rate Liability is a good option when you have an alternate source of insurance, or you wish to self insure against loss or damages.  It is always recommended to contact your home insurance provider to determine coverage for moving under your current insurance policy.

Option Two: Deluxe Value Protection 

This option provides enhanced protection for your belongings based on the valuation of the estimated weight of belongings at $5.00 per pound per article ($250 deductible). You may increase the value but not decrease the minimum valuation that is determined by the estimated weight of your shipment.

Damage to a single item is limited to $2500 CDN and must be identified to the movers prior to handling and itemized on the bill of lading under special instructions.

Items of Extraordinary Value

  • Items valued much higher than $5.00 per pound per article are considered “extraordinary value” and must be declared and indicated on the bill of lading under special instructions.  Items of extraordinary value must be professionally packed and/or crated by the mover or his agent before moving.

Option Three: Premium Value Protection 

This option provides enhanced protection for your belongings based on the valuation of the estimated weight of belongings at $10.00 per pound per article ($250 deductible). You may increase the value but not decrease the minimum valuation that is determined by the estimated weight of your shipment.

Damage to a single item is limited to $5000 CDN  and must be identified to the movers prior to handling and itemized on the bill of lading under special instructions.

Items of Extraordinary Value

  • Items valued much higher than $10.00 per pound per article are considered “extraordinary value” and must be declared and indicated on the bill of lading under special instructions.  Extraordinary value items must be professionally packed and/or crated by the mover or his agent before moving.

Do you sell additional insurance?

We do not sell insurance, as it is prohibited by law to sell insurance unless you are a licensed insurance broker. There is a distinction between us having insurance to cover our mistakes and protect us for things that we are liable and offering you insurance for your belongings.  Check with your Home Insurance provider to see if you have coverage for moving or if you can purchase coverage.

What we offer free of charge is a commitment to taking responsibility for damages that arose due to mistakes made on our part during the moving process. However, if a claim arises due to the inherent flaws in a particular piece of furniture that was damaged, for example, a piece of pressboard furniture falls apart because it is poorly constructed and wasn’t designed to be moved multiple times, or a dish that breaks inside a customer-packed box, unfortunately, we do not accept liability for items like that. We recommend reading through the terms and conditions on the contract that we send out in advance of your move, so you can be informed of what we will and will not take responsibility for and take any appropriate steps to move vulnerable items in a personal vehicle, or have them professionally packed by our team.

Are you bonded?



Do you offer unpacking services?

We can send someone the next day to unpack at an hourly rate, help organize and remove the boxes.

Do you sell boxes?

Yes, we do! We have a Moving Supply Store located in South Edmonton – you can order online and pick-up or shop in person.  Visit our store

What is your liability on boxes packed by the customer?

Please note that we do not accept liability for the contents of the boxes packed by anyone other than our employees. We would of course be extremely careful with them and so as long as they are decently packed, your items should travel without any issues. If you wanted a partial pack of just the breakables, that’s also an option.

Why do you charge for packing by the box and not by the hour?

Normally when we provide packing services, we assume liability for everything in the boxes so that is why our services are per box and not per hour. Also, our employees pack at different speeds, some are slow and some are very fast, and therefore we want to ensure that we aren’t rushing those that are a bit slower as we are more concerned that they are doing the job properly. If you would like us to pack boxes you supply (so long as they are moving boxes), we could charge by the hour. That being said, we would not assume the same liability, though you would still be getting professional packers at a reasonable hourly rate.

What tips would you have if I am packing and everything is going into storage?

DO NOT pack aerosols if your shipment is bound for storage, as if one explodes it will nullify any insurance coverage. As well, food/pantry items should be packed into sealed plastic totes. Although we have pest control measures in place, as do most if not all self storage facilities, having food in your unit will needlessly attract mice.

Do boxes need lids?

The boxes do not have to have lids. However, the more open top boxes, the longer the job as we will not be able to be as efficient if the boxes cannot be stacked on top of one another. Not being prepared for the movers when we arrive is the number one cause of jobs taking longer than anticipated and resulting in higher than expected moving costs.

What if I have some loose things when the crew arrives for the move?

We can certainly bring some boxes to pack up the things you don’t get to. If in the days leading up to your move you realize that you are going to require a significant amount of additional packing, it would perhaps be best to schedule a packer to come in beforehand. We have scheduled a certain amount of time for your move, and if we get delayed significantly due to you not being prepared, it is going to result in a higher than anticipated price for your move. It will also delay us in getting to our next job if we have one, which negatively affects the next customer’s moving experience, and diminishes their perception of our company.

How should I pack liquids?

Anything that is liquid should go into a box together, labelled on all 4 sides that it contains liquids and which side is up. In customer packed boxes of liquids, we cannot be held responsible if something inside the box leaks and damages something else, which is why on local moves, it is often advisable to just transport liquids in your car. Another great method is to pack them in a rubber tote which will not leak if something tips over inside the bin.

What is the difference between a wardrobe rental and purchase?

Wardrobe rentals are $10 each and the crew arrives with them on the day of the move, loads them up and unloads them at the new location. If you’d like to have the wardrobe boxes in advance of the move, we sell them at $20 each. These are yours to keep after the move. The reason they are more expensive is because they would be brand new. We would also have to deliver them in a truck on a separate trip as they do not typically fit into a normal passenger vehicle, which is what we use to provide 90% of our box deliveries.

How do I pack the clothes in my closet?

We have wardrobe boxes that we rent to customers for the day. These boxes allow you to just hang the clothes right inside, meaning they don’t get wrinkled and you don’t have to spend an hour putting all the hangers back on later if you pack your clothes in normal boxes. An 18” wardrobe is $10 to rent for the day. Another bonus of renting our wardrobes is that you don’t have to go out and buy them. Aside from the cost of between $15-20 each, they are often to big to fit in a normal car, even when flattened. This way, after the move you don’t have to worry about what to do with all these boxes that you paid a fortune for.


Do you provide indoor storage?

Our warehouse is 10,000 square feet of heated, secure storage space, with a monitored security system, cameras covering the warehouse and yard, and a monitored security gate.

Indoor storage is ideal for long-term storage needs or as an interim solution for gaps in possession dates.  Your goods are professionally wrapped in commercial-grade moving blankets and carefully loaded into wooden crates that are approximately 300 cubic feet, keeping your belongings segregated and secure.

Do you provide mobile storage?

We have two sizes of portable storage units, 20′ and 16′.  We offer two options:

  1. DIY container rental to load at your own pace
  2. Full-service container rental and professional loading. Includes blanket protection for your furniture, tie-down straps and basic liability against damages (which isn’t available from other portable storage providers).

Rentals are by the month or a minimum 2-week term.  Containers can be kept on your site or stored at our secure south Edmonton location.

Click for more details and a free estimate.

Item Specific Questions

How should I prepare for the move when it comes to small kitchen appliances i.e. toasters, mixers, blenders?

These items should be packed in boxes, as should all items that are not pieces of furniture. It significantly speeds up the moving process when we are just moving boxes and furniture, vs. tons of small random items that need to be carried by hand, wrapped up, and are not easily stacked. It also increases the risk of damaging these items, and we cannot accept liability for them so it is risky to have us transport them like this. It sometimes makes sense to just put these awkward items in your vehicle rather than pack them.

Can you move my plants?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of moving live plants, we can not provide any guarantee that the plant will survive the move. Even if we spend all the time and the crate them up, there is still no guarantee. If these plants hold sentimental value to you, I strongly recommend moving them yourself. In the winter months, it can be particularly risky to move live plants as the cold weather can kill them very easily. If they absolutely must be moved in the truck due to the size of them, we recommend ensuring they are kept nowhere near your front door (or whichever door we are moving the items out of) as it can get quite cold near the doorway since we are opening and closing it frequently, or sometimes leaving it open for extended periods of time. This can very easily kill the plant. Keep them well away from the doorways until the very last minute, and we can put it in the truck at the very end, and it comes off the truck first at the new place. This is the only way to minimize the risk of the plant not surviving.

Should we empty the dresser drawers?

Yes, please empty the drawers.

Moving a full dresser adds additional weight that causes stress to the structural integrity of the piece of furniture. It is also more difficult for our crew members to move.

How should I prepare my lamps for the move?

We recommend getting some relatively large boxes, at least a 5 cubic foot box that’s fairly deep. Take the shades off the lamps and either take those in the car or pack them in a separate box all by themselves and clearly label it fragile ‘lamp shades’. It’s also recommended that you wrap the shades in packing paper, particularly if you’re going to stack a few together. For the lamp(s), stand one in each corner of the box, and put soft stuff around and in between them like towels, linen, or pillows. If they are glass or ceramic, I would also provide some cushioning underneath the lamps so they aren’t just sitting right in the bottom of the box. If they are extraordinarily fragile or very sentimental, I would almost recommend taking them in the car as we cannot take responsibility for anything we don’t actually pack professionally ourselves.

How do you transport art/oil paintings?

We recommend having the art in a box to protect against damages. The crew can box the artwork up on the day of the move and that will just factor into the time the move takes, plus the price of the boxes.

If you do not want to box up your artwork, we will pad and wrap it, however it travels at your own risk.

If you would like them boxed up, we need to be notified in advance as we do not typically stock picture cartons on the trucks.

Do you move pool tables?

We typically do not move pool tables. If it is already in pieces, we may be able to but otherwise it would be better to get in touch with someone who specializes in moving them.

Do you move hot tubs?

We do not move hot tubs. On a case by case basis we may agree to it if the conditions are right and it is relatively straightforward, but similar to pianos, it’s best to hire a specialty company for this as they have seen it all and are less likely to make a mistake that could prove costly.

Should I unpack my freezer?

If it is a full-size freezer, it is best to empty it. If it’s apartment size, it does not need to be empty, but it is good to have a few boxes/bins or cooler ready in case we need to unload it.

Do you move pianos?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis for smaller pianos with an easy and clear path of movement.  However, if the piano is large and the space is tight or confined, has many turns or is otherwise challenging, or is a grand or baby grand piano, we recommend hiring a professional piano mover.

Can the movers take my TV off of the wall?

Ideally, the television should be removed from the wall prior to our arrival.  In certain circumstances, at our discretion, our team can assist or carefully remove the television from the wall, however, we will not accept responsibility for possible wall damage or damage to the television.

Do you move my TV? What if it breaks?

Due to the fragility of TV’s these days, we are unable to guarantee against damages, particularly to the screens. Also, the electronic components inside a TV are beyond our control and could malfunction at any time. As a result, we cannot accept any liability for electronic components inside TVs, and really any electronics. In the past, we would typically wrap them up in moving blankets, and strategically place them somewhere in the truck to minimize the chance of them getting damaged. 99% of the time this method worked, however there were times where the screen was inexplicably scratched, thus putting us in an awkward position with our clients. In some cases, we ended up having to replace the TV even though there was no reasonable explanation for how the scratches could’ve occurred. Also, on large moves with multiple TV’s, it becomes difficult to find a safe spot for all of them amongst all the other stuff we have to fit into the truck. For these reasons, we have begun to make TV cartons available to our customers to safely pack them inside a box so that the chance of damage is reduced considerably. There is an additional charge for these as they are a consumable item, similar to our wardrobe rental system.

Our Staff

Do you do background checks?

We check references before hiring, but we do not do a full criminal background check for all of our movers.

Are the crew members reliable and trustworthy?

Our employees are all full-time and most have been with us a minimum of 6-12 months, if not more. We value our reputation more than anything, so we are very particular about who we hire and who we send out to represent our company. We are confident that you will be happy with the professionalism, work ethic and trustworthiness of our crew members.

Are they professional or temporary movers?

Our workers are all full-time employees of Eager Beaver Moving. We do not source labor from temp agencies, as it is painfully obvious when we arrive at the job and they do not know what they’re doing. Of course we do hire new employees frequently, and they don’t learn the entire job on the first day, so there is a learning curve as with any job, but we try to provide the best training in order to bring them up to speed as quickly as possible to become professional movers with our high standards.

Method of Payment

What is a good Tip?

Tips are appreciated but by no means expected.  There is no standard tip amount recommended; however, for your convenience, there are tip options available on our payment machines to choose a percentage or a specific amount for customers who do wish to leave a tip.  Tips are evenly distributed amongst the crew members who provide your services.

Are you able to direct bill my employer?

We can definitely direct bill. We would just need an authorization letter from your employer with billing instructions, and/or a purchase order (P.O.) number.

When do I pay for the move?

A 10% deposit is required to confirm a booking.  The remainder of the bill for your move is due upon completion of the work.  For long-distance moves and in certain situations, 50% or more of the Estimate may be required as a deposit.

At the completion of the service, the crew leader will present the final billing details for review and collect payment.

Can I pay for my move with credit card?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and debit as appropriate forms of payment. We will sometimes accept a personal check if necessary, but this must be approved by the main office beforehand. Cash is not our preferred method of payment, but we will accept it. However, our drivers do not have the ability to provide change, so please ensure you have a range of bills if you want to change.