Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new home is a major event, and housewarming gifts act as both a way to celebrate and to help out the new homeowners. Whether it’s your best friend moving away or some new neighbours moving in next door, housewarming gifts are an excellent way to help them settle into their new home after the movers have come and gone.

While new décor, houseplants, and candles can be a lovely present for a housewarming celebration, many people who have just moved will be just as grateful for a more practical gift. Many homeowners downsize before moving out, and that means they may be lacking some important assets to get them through those first few weeks while they unpack and settle in.


Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas

Kitchen Essentials

While kitchenware is a basic necessity for nearly everyone, there’s a good chance your gift-receivers won’t have everything. Gift them with a nice set of kitchen essentials ­– whether that be baking sheets, a knife set, or full cookware set with pots and pans. First-time homeowners in particular will more than likely be in need of new kitchenware. For more experienced cooks, you could also give a neat cooking gadget, like an adjustable rolling pin.

Tool Kit

A tool kit is another essential for any homeowner. Whether you need it for a general home repair or for a new DIY project, a set of tools will always come in handy. Plus, most of them come with a storage case to keep everything organized. For first-time homeowners, a tool kit is especially useful, as there’s a good chance they don’t have many of the included tools.


A housewarming gift that works for both new and experienced cooks, a brand-new cookbook gives your recipients a chance to test out their new kitchen with some untested recipes. This is a great way to get them used to their new setup and gain some cooking experience at the same time. For the advanced cooks, a unique cookbook can pique their interest and pave the way towards fun new recipes.

A Homemade Meal

For a more short-term housewarming idea, try cooking and freezing a meal. The first few days in a new home are chaotic, and typically full of fast food, so a warm homemade meal that they don’t need to prepare can be a nice treat.

A Personalized Doormat

Nothing makes you feel more at home than a personalized ‘welcome’ doormat with your family’s name on it. This is a great gift that combines both sentimentality and practicality, while also allowing you to spruce up your front entry and make it even more welcoming.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a more traditional housewarming gift, but they can also be incredibly practical on nights when the homeowners just need to relax. Plus, you can add a personalized touch to the glasses, whether it’s monogrammed, a matching ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ set, or a funny quote.

DIY Manual

As professional movers, we know that moving can come with some major challenges. Once the Eager Beaver moving team has left, new homeowners or tenants often discover strange issues they hadn’t foreseen, such as leaky taps or areas that need to be deep cleaned. A DIY manual gives the recipients an opportunity to fix smaller problems themselves, saving them money, and getting them back to their normal routine faster.


Our Gift to You: Stress-Free Moving

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