How to Pack Liquids Safely for Moving

Packing liquids for a move may seem intimidating, but it’s not as tricky as you might think. With enough preparation and care, transporting all of your fluids, from kitchen oils to cleaning products, will be a breeze. In this blog, we’ll discuss our favourite tips for packing liquids, from how to secure them to where you should put them during transport.


Keep Cleaning Supplies Separate

Packing liquids together minimizes the risk of spills, but that doesn’t mean all of your liquids should be in one box. Your cleaning products should always be kept separate from other liquids, particularly kitchen liquids like oils and sauces. Keeping them together will only increase the risk of contamination.


Keep Liquids Away From Valuables

Always keep liquids away from your valuables–otherwise, a spill could be catastrophic. This may seem apparent, but it can easily slip your mind while packing. Be sure to keep all valuables as far away from liquids as possible–never put them in the same box, and it’s also a good idea to keep the boxes separate.


What Should You Leave Behind?

Not everything has to come with you to your new home! In fact, certain liquids aren’t allowed to be packed into a moving truck. You can find a list of these liquids online, but as a rule of thumb, do not pack anything corrosive, explosive, flammable, or highly toxic.

Besides hazardous materials, there are other liquids you’re better off getting rid of. If a bottle is expired, nearly empty, or damaged, you may as well throw it away and save yourself some space. If you find a product you haven’t used in the past year, like a perfume bottle, you can toss that as well–you probably have no need for it!


How to Secure Liquids

To start properly securing a liquid, close off the opening. To do this, remove the top and cover the opening with plastic wrap, then tightly screw on the lid over the wrap. Now that the opening itself is secured, you can cover the lid in more plastic wrap, then keep it in place with packing tape. To ensure your liquids are extra safe, you can place the bottles in plastic bags before you pack them.

We highly recommend packing liquids into a plastic bin with a lid. This way, any potential spills will be completely contained within the bin. However, if you do choose to use a cardboard box, be sure to line the box beforehand. Simply place a garbage bag inside the box, and pack your liquids directly into the bag. Before you close and tape up the box, tie up the garbage bag.


Label Your Boxes

This rule applies to all moving boxes, but it’s especially important for boxes containing liquids. Liquids count as fragile materials, so they need to be handled with care! Whether you’re enlisting the help of family and friends or hiring professional movers, they need to know which boxes contain liquids so they can treat them with care.

When labelling boxes with liquids, write the type of liquid (such as cleaning products or sauces) on a label or directly onto the box. You’ll also want to write ‘FRAGILE’ or ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ in bold, visible letters, as well as a sign indicating which side should be up.


Professional Packing Services in Edmonton

Would you prefer to have someone else handle the packing? No problem! Eager Beaver’s team of experts is ready to help. Our professional packing services are the perfect solution for anyone who would prefer to save time and leave the packing to someone else. Contact us today to schedule your in-home or virtual estimate!