How to Pack Your Home Gym Like a Pro

One unique room in your house is your home gym. Whether it’s a separate room in your home, a portion of your basement, or in the corner of your garage, home gyms come with a variety of equipment that makes packing them up a challenge. At Eager Beaver Moving & Storage, we’ve packed up many home gyms of varying sizes, and we have a series of three tips to help you pack up your gym and securely load it in your moving truck for moving day. 

Preparing Your Home Gym for Packing 

The first thing that we recommend you do when preparing your home gym for moving day is to clean it. When you set up your gym in your new home, you’ll want all your equipment to be fresh and clean from the start. Depending on the distance you’re moving, your sweaty items might be a bit less than fresh by the time you unpack them. Another pre-packing tip we have is to inspect your machines for damages. If an item needs to be repaired, you can note it before moving and pack it with extra care. 

How to Pack Free Weights

When packing anything in your home, we always recommend gathering your supplies first. To move your free weights, you’ll want a collection of bubble wrap, newspaper, packing tape, cardboard boxes, and towels or moving blankets. Once you have all your materials in one place, you can wrap your weights in bubble wrap. We recommend putting weights in smaller boxes for easier lifting and stacking. When you’ve placed a few weights in a box or plastic container, it’s best to fill the empty space with newspaper or towels to prevent the weights from shifting position during the move and potentially damaging the container. The most important thing to remember when wrapping free weights is that you or your movers must be able to lift the box, and you want a box or container sturdy enough to hold the weight. 

How to Pack Other Miscellaneous Workout Equipment

Your home gym will likely have other pieces of equipment such as rubber bands, skipping ropes, bungees, yoga mats, etc. You can place these items in a box with any fragile items wrapped for protection. If there is space, you can fill it with towels or newspaper to keep everything from moving around. 

How to Pack Exercise and Weightlifting Machines

Large exercise equipment can be bulky and complicated to move. When moving heavier machines, you should always get help or hire professional movers to do it and use a furniture dolly. We have years of experience moving home gyms of all sizes and have a few tips to help make the process smoother for you. 


Stationary Bikes

If your stationary bike has any electrical components, you’ll want to unplug the cord and wrap it up securely to prevent catching on anything. Unexpected pulling on a cord could either damage the equipment or cause problems moving the machine. Next, use felt gliders to move the machine with ease without scratching your floors. 


Treadmills and Ellipticals

For treadmills, the first step is to unplug and wrap the cord, then adjust the incline to zero. For moving an elliptical we recommend unplugging the machine and wrapping the power cord before unscrewing the extra parts and packing them separately. If you have multiple devices, it’s important to clearly label which box of parts goes with which machine. For the large parts of the machine, bubble wrap and moving blankets will help give padding and protection to the moving truck. 


Weightlifting Machines

When packing up a weightlifting machine, we recommend removing the weights first and packing them separately, as you would free weights. Next, you’ll want to take the device apart, putting the bolts and smaller parts in a clearly labeled box, along with any instruction booklets (if you have them).


Hire a Home Gym Moving Company in Edmonton

Do you have a home gym that needs to be packed and moved? Our professional movers at Eager Beaver Moving & Storage can pack and move your home gym with expertise and care. Do you have free weights or heavy exercise machines? We’ll pack and move it all. Contact us today to get your free quote.