How to Prepare for an Office Move

Moving a home can be a lot of work, but moving an office is usually even more stressful. During any corporate relocation (big or small), you need to minimize interruptions to the business, make sure all your technology and equipment gets uninstalled, moved, and reinstalled properly, and adapt to your new space. 

It’s a big project, but our Edmonton movers have helped hundreds of businesses get it done with fewer hiccups and less downtime. If you’re planning an office move in Edmonton, read through our tips and tricks before you reach for that first box. 


Find Out When and How You Can Move

Depending on where you’re relocating your office, there may be rules about moving hours. You might have to schedule your move around business hours, and let the building know so building managers can put moving blankets up in elevators or protections on floors. You might also have to follow specific rules about where moving trucks are parked or which routes you take to get to your new space. 

Be sure to get in touch with your building manager or leasing agent before the move to make sure you start off on the right foot in your new space. 


Use Heavy Duty Supplies for Heavy Duty Equipment 

Don’t reach for a box at all if you’re moving important supplies and equipment from one location to the next. Be sure to get the right packing supplies, including crates and plenty of bubble wrap. 


Keep Workstations Together

If you’re moving multiple workstations, always assign them numbers before you start packing. That way, you can label your boxes or crates according to which station is which, saving you from a nightmare setup process at your new office space. Also, be sure to keep all cords with computers and other tech. If you have an IT team on board to manage your networks, make sure they’re scheduled to be involved in the takedown and setup.


Schedule the Move Around Work Schedules to Avoid Interruptions

Office moving over an extended period of time makes it hard to get anything done for clients. Not only will you lose valuable time, but your staff also won’t appreciate having to work harder to catch up when you’re finally established. 

If you can, plan out how long the move will take and try to work it around times that will translate to the least amount of downtime. Summer is a great time to move, since some of your employees may be away on vacation anyway. Or, schedule it after a weekend or holiday so you can get most of the packing done over the weekend before moving day arrives.


Enlist Help from Professional Office Movers in Edmonton

Moving services for businesses offer a convenient way to avoid downtime and make the transition period shorter and less stressful for everyone involved. Instead of enlisting employees to move (who don’t have experience and may not be covered under WCB for activities like this), hire an Edmonton moving company with experience in office relocations and business moving services. 

For smaller businesses without a moving budget, professional packing services can help you protect high-value items like computers. It can also shave off some valuable time on taking apart office furniture like desks, chairs, and bookshelves and completing furniture installation at the new location.


Set Up a Moving Consultation

Schedule a consultation or book your Edmonton office move today for a less stressful moving experience. We can help you with office moves in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, or virtually anywhere in the world that your business needs to go. We offer free quotes for all commercial moving solutions.