How to Protect Your TV During a Move

Moving is stressful enough, especially when worrying about protecting all your fragile valuables. When packing your belongings into boxes, there are many questions to ask about protecting your valuables during a move.

  • How can you ensure that your fragile items stay intact?
  • How should you wrap them?
  • What else should go in the box?
  • How should you handle the box?

A common item we hear questions about frequently is your TV. With the large, fragile smart TVs down to smaller, compact TVs, the question is similar: how do you protect your TV during a move? To help you prepare for the most stress-free move possible, we’ll go over what not to do when packing a TV and what you should do instead.

A Blanket Isn’t Enough

Unfortunately, just wrapping your TV in something soft like a blanket isn’t quite enough to keep it safe from damage during a move. TVs are very fragile and can be large and difficult to manoeuvre. They also need to be able to survive a couple of bumps during transport. Your TV needs to have proper cushioning around the screen and packing material filling up any surrounding space at a minimum. You’ll want to protect it from scratches and prevent it from shifting or jostling during moving day.

Heard of TV Boxes?

There are actually specially-made moving boxes for packing TVs to keep them from jostling around, getting scratched, or breaking. They are made to protect flat-screen TVs specifically and are wide enough to hold your TV but thin enough to keep it from jostling. Inside the box is a piece of bubble foam liner for extra protection. Different sizes are available, from small to extra-large, costing thirty to sixty dollars.

How to Pack a TV

Once you have a TV box, there’s still an appropriate packing method to minimize all possible damage. Follow this step-by-step process to keep your TV safe when moving!

  1. If you have all the original packaging from your TV purchase, you may be able to safely pack it using the original package.
  2. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the stand from the TV and remove it.
  3. Replace the screws into the TV so they don’t get lost.
  4. Gently lay face down on the soft side of a sheet of bubble foam.
  5. Carefully wrap up the TV cord.
  6. Secure the bubble foam to the TV.
  7. Crumple up some paper and place it at the bottom of the TV box to create a cushion.
  8. Carefully place the TV inside the box. (Ask for help if you need it!)
  9. Stabilize the TV within the box by filling the space with crumpled paper to prevent movement.

Follow these steps for a safe, movable TV. If you still feel unsure about the safety of your TV, we recommend contacting a professional moving company to assist you with your packing and moving.

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