How to Successfully Move Your Plants and Keep Them Thriving

June 1, 2021

Moving requires a lot of planning. Sorting, donating, and packing all your belongings room by room takes effort and coordination. But what about those items that require special attention, such as your houseplants and garden? If you’re an avid gardener, leaving your plants behind can feel like leaving a part of yourself behind. We have some tried-and-true tips to help you successfully move your plants (both indoor and outdoor) and keep them thriving in their new location.

Prepping, Packing, and Moving Your Plants

We highly recommend you start preparing your plants for your moving day up to three weeks in advance. Start by transplanting your potted plants into durable pots that will transport safely without breaking.

The following week, trim back or prune larger plants for easier travel and to promote healthy growth after transplanting. If you use fertilizer or pesticides, apply them one week before your move, no later. If you have extra gardening supplies, double-check with your professional movers to find out if any of them are prohibited; many moving services do not allow pesticides in their vehicles for safety reasons, so you may need to transport them in a sealed container in your vehicle.

The day before your move, ensure your plants are well watered. This will keep them moist during the relocation until you can arrange them in your home.

How to Pack Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Once your indoor plants have been transplanted into safe moving pots, place each plant in a solid moving box. Ensure the fit is snug so the plants don’t slide around during transport. Stuff crumpled paper around the base if needed. Plants need air to breathe, so either make holes in the side of the box and lightly seal the top or leave the top open. Secure the plant boxes inside the moving vehicle to prevent the plants from jostling side-to-side and getting damaged. Also, double-check that the surrounding boxes and furniture are secure, so nothing falls and squishes your plants. If you have hired professional movers, they will likely be familiar with how to properly pack plants for safe transport.

If you have large trees or shrubs that require transplanting and don’t fit into a pot, you can wrap their roots in burlap to protect them while in transit. Ensure you dig up as much of the root as possible and include the surrounding dirt to keep the roots protected and prevent shock when they reach the new soil. Large plants, shrubs, or trees can be wrapped in tissue paper or a sheet to protect branches from breaking.

If you’re planning to move perennials, the best time to transplant them is during early spring or in the fall. While it’s not always possible to plan the timing of your move, if you love your garden and can’t bear to leave anything behind, it’s best to move during one of those seasons.

How to Unpack Your Plants

When loading and unloading your plants, use extra care not to damage or break the branches and leaves. Try to minimize the amount of time your plants spend in the moving vehicle. As soon as you can, remove the plants and boxes carefully from the vehicle and bring them into your new home or garden. Allow some time for your plants to adjust and continue to care for them as you usually would.

When replanting outdoor plants, add a little bone meal to the hole and place the plant on top before burying; this will help strengthen the roots of the plant as it grows in its new place.


A Few More Dos and Don’ts of Transporting Your Plants

Do include as much of the root and surrounding soil as possible into the pot for moving.

Don’t cram your plants and their roots into a small pot.


Do keep the soil moist.

Don’t flood the pot with water, nor leave the soil bone dry.


Do transplant your plants in the early morning for the best results.

Don’t transplant your plants in the heat of midday or early afternoon.


Do prepare the soil at your new home in advance of transporting your plants.

Don’t expose your plants to strong winds or extreme temperatures in transit.


Your Local Professional Movers in Edmonton, Alberta

Taking care of the items you love most is what we do best at Eager Beaver! Reach out to book professional movers in Edmonton, Alberta, who will move your plants with care. We are fully equipped and ready to help you with your next residential, commercial, or office move.

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