Mistakes to Avoid While Moving

July 6, 2020

7 Anxiety-Inducing Mistakes to Avoid While Moving

Making Moving a Smoother Process

We all make mistakes, but if there’s one time you want to make sure you’re fully covered, it’s during a move. It can feel extremely disorienting to pack up everything you own and ship it somewhere else. You don’t know where anything is, what condition it’s in, or if it even made it there while your belongings are in transit. Adding to those stresses is the last thing you want to do when you’re already out of sorts. 

Make moving a more comfortable process can be easy if you avoid these seven common moving mistakes most people make. 

Measuring Furniture in Advance 

Your furniture fits perfectly in your current home, but how will it work in your new space? Sometimes it just takes a little reconfiguration in your new home, but if you think you might have to get rid of something or buy something new, it’s best to know before you move it. Grab the measurements for your new house or condo so you can compare it to your furniture measurements in advance. This will help you make decisions about where things need to go during the move. 

Skipping Out on Proper Packing Supplies

Those old boxes you’ve moved with five times might have served you well, but their lifespan is probably limited. Pull them out of your basement and throw them away now, before you have to deal with broken boxes or broken items on moving day. Then, go out and get fresh boxes, plus plenty of packing tape, bubble wrap, paper sheets, and packing peanuts so you have them on hand and ready to go as you pack your belongings. Better yet, choose a company that brings all the supplies and handles your packing for you

Not Labelling Your Boxes 

If you’re like 99% of people, you won’t unpack your boxes within the first week, month, or year(s). With that in mind, it’s best to know where everything is so that when you suddenly need that outfit you haven’t worn in 5 years, you don’t have to root through 30 boxes stacked in piles. Label your boxes on the top and one side so you can see what’s in it from any angle (even if you stack the boxes). Be sure to list out specifics so you have a kind of inventory for reference. 

Forgetting to Protect Your Floors

Even if it isn’t wet or muddy, protecting your floors in advance will save your carpets and save you from a cleanup. Professional movers will have floor protection with them to make sure movers protect your floors from damage. Eager Beaver has rubberized floor runners to lay down so we can move dollies in and out of your home safely. 

Hiring Unreliable Movers

A mover is a mover is a mover, right? Not always! If you don’t put in a bit of time to find the best moving companies in Edmonton, you might end up with unreliable service or even damaged items. Do a little research and look for positive reviews, a professional website, and a company history. 

Changing Your Address in Advance of the Move

Planning ahead can be tough when there are so many priorities, but changing your address should be a top priority. This will prevent mail runs back to your previous place after you move, or even lost or thrown out mail. Two easy ways to do this are: 

  1. Go to Canada Post and have your mail forwarded. This will redirect all your mail until you have time to change your address with anyone sending you snail mail.
  2. Change your regular mail over to virtual services so you can skip the paper altogether and always have your mail coming to the right place. 

DIYing Your Entire Move

Saving money is usually a priority when you’re moving, whether you’re a renter or a homeowner. However, DIY moves can be exhausting, stressful, and may even cost you more money in lost or damaged items, damage to trucks or properties, and (most importantly) the goodwill of your friends and family. Save yourself a headache by hiring a professional moving company that offers start to finish moving services in Edmonton (and for long-distance moves). The Eager Beaver team has helped hundreds of families complete their moves more smoothly and comfortably. Get in touch to learn more about moving services, pricing, and scheduling. 


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