Moving With Kids

July 3, 2019

Moving with kids can be difficult and stressful. Depending on the age of your kids, you have to worry about details like where they’ll be during the move, who will pack their belongings, and how they’re going to react to living in a new house. 

From babies to teenagers and every kid in between, moving with kids adds a few more “to-do’s” to the long moving list. At Eager Beaver, we’ve helped plenty of families – large and small – with moving. It’s allowed us to bring together a few tried-and-tested tricks we’ve seen parents succeed with. 


Top Four Tips for Moving with Kids:


  1. Let Them Help Pack Their Belongings

For kids, moving to a new neighbourhood, town, or country can be scary. Kids may be nervous about making new friends, going to a new school, or getting to know a new place. To make the transition feel a little more like a choice and less like they’re being “dragged along,” it’s nice to help them become part of the action. 

We highly recommend giving your kids the time and tools to pack up their belongings (or at least help). Try to make sure they’ll be able to quickly unpack their bedrooms. That way, they have a personal space to retreat to if they’re feeling overwhelmed after the move. Having their belongings all around them in a new place can help kids feel more stabilized during a move.


  1. Make Moving Day Fun 

Moving day can be exciting for kids if you spend some time building anticipation before the moving truck arrives. Help them get excited in the few weeks before the move date. Get some special treats and pack their “moving” bag with snacks, games, and any comfort items like blankets and stuffed animals. Bring along some puzzles, travel games, and books to keep them entertained – especially if it’s a long drive. 


  1. Hire a Moving Company that Cares

There are plenty of moving companies in Edmonton to choose from! We know that, and that’s why Eager Beaver Moving focuses on giving you the best moving experience every time. We want our customers to know that we care about their move and the major impact it can have on their lives. For us, moving is about more than just physically removing belongings from a home and putting them somewhere else. It’s about connections, emotions, family, and dreams. We make moving easy for families – especially families with kids.


  1. Tour Your New Neighbourhood Before You Arrive

Helping kids adjust to a move can start before you’ve even packed up the moving truck. Give your kids the chance to start thinking about their new neighbourhood. The earlier they know where everything is and what they can do, the more excited they’ll be. 

If you’re moving within Edmonton, it should be easy to plan a few hours to explore the area a few days or a few weeks before the moving date. If you’re moving long-distance, you can easily take a virtual tour of your new home. Just use Google maps to check out the house, the streets, and the schools and stores nearby. 


Stress-Free Moving & Packing Services


Taking the stress out of moving is easy when you have professional movers helping you with every step. Moving can be as easy as walking out of your old home and walking into your new home. 

The choices for your move are nearly endless. Choose to pack yourself, have us bring you professional packing supplies, or let us take care of all the packing and unpacking for you. We also have storage services for those times when your move-out date and move-in dates don’t quite match up. All of this means a smooth, easy move that exceeds all expectations.


Your Local Edmonton Movers


When you’re looking for affordable and professional moving services in Edmonton, call Eager Beaver Moving for a free quote. We’re ready to help with all your moving needs and make moving with kids a breeze! 

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