Protecting Your Electronics When Packing

November 1, 2020

Packing delicate items for a move is unavoidable. Chances are, a significant chunk of those delicate items are electronics. Whether they’re televisions, tablets, computers, or video game systems, they most likely make up some of the most expensive items you own. Properly protecting them when you move will make sure they last longer and work better, and prevent costly replacements when you’re already investing in professional movers and other moving expenses.

Getting Your Electronics Ready for the Move

Before you pack up all of your electronics, there are a few additional measures you can take to make moving them easier. Get together your user manuals; if you can’t find some, they can usually be found online. This way, you’ll be able to deal with any issues setting items up in your new home, and there’s likely information on how to properly store, clean, or move them as well. 

How to Properly Pack Electronics for Moving

Before You Pack

There are some safety measures you should be following before your electronics go into the boxes. Make sure every electronic device has the batteries removed to avoid leaks. Eject all discs and tape the drives closed. 

Additionally, take pictures of all cable setups. While a user manual will give you instructions on where everything goes, configuring it to your own personal setup is often a much bigger challenge. A quick photo will make it much easier on the other end of your move. 

Organize Your Cords

Imagine this: You’ve just finished moving and are ready to set up all of your electronics, but when you open the box, all you find is a mess of tangled cords, with no sign as to what goes where. If you’re like most people, the last thing you want to do after moving is to untangle and reorganize all your cords (and then find out what system they belong to).

To prevent this, you can create an organization system. Roll up and secure each cable with a rubber band or zip tie. Then, label each cord appropriately so you know what it’s for and where it goes. Then, you can use the labels and the pictures you took earlier to make reconnecting easy and efficient!

Preparing Your Computer

Your computer is usually one of the most valuable electronics you own, and is filled with important data and information. Before anything, backup your computer. This way, even in the worst-case scenario, you’ll still have access to all of your saved info. 

Packing Your Electronics

Once all the preparation is done, you’re finally ready to pack up those electronics!


When it comes to moving electronics, the best container is the original package it came in. These packages were designed specifically to hold and protect that electronic, so they’re a safe bet as long as they’re in good condition.

If you don’t have the original packages, there are plenty of materials you can use to protect your electronics. Bubble wrap is key for cushioning devices, but try to find an anti-static bubble wrap to avoid static damage on the electronics. Packing paper is also useful for keeping dust away from your devices.


The first step you’ll want to take when packing up your electronics is to wrap the devices up in packing paper and secure it with packing tape. Then, you can wrap it in bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape once again. 

Heavier electronics should go at the bottom of the box, and any spaces or gaps should be filled with paper or fabric. You can then seal the box with packing tape and label it, including instructions for handling and what’s inside. This will also help your movers while they’re loading and unloading your belongings.

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