Why Business Owners Invest in White Glove Office Moves in Edmonton

Good old-fashioned reliability goes a little (or a long) way, especially when it comes to moving. While not all items require the same amount of precaution when moving, we make sure that each item is thoroughly considered before we move it. Our experienced team members know how to balance efficiency with care to provide your business with the best moving experience possible.

What Is White Glove Moving?

White Glove is a high-touch, complete moving service for businesses that includes detailed pre-planning, take-down, moving, and set-up stages so you can move your business from one location to another with minimal disruptions.

With white glove service, you get more professional movers and faster service. Everything is taken care of, so you can continue to focus on your business instead of your move. Some items, whether fragile or highly valuable in nature, deserve that extra mile that white glove moving services provides. Whether you need boxes, safety straps, extra bubble wrap, or a strategic plan, we can assure you that regardless of the distance, the item will be handled with care from start to finish.

Our team members are thoroughly trained in how to examine the care that each item requires and are knowledgeable and experienced in taking extra precautions with fragile items. With white glove service, we prioritize specialized care, security, and privacy for your valuable items.

Pack-up, take-down, and backup plans are meticulously curated to your needs each step of the way.

Hiring Professionals vs. Doing It Yourself

Moving offices usually means growth or change, which is a busy time for everyone involved. That’s why you require a high level of trust and care when moving furniture, supplies, tech, and any sensitive information. White glove service for office moves ensures that you can continue running your daily business with confidence, knowing your business assets are handled with care.

Get in touch with our professionals to learn more, or explore more of our office moving tips and tricks so you can have the best office move you’ve ever experienced.

Save Yourself Time

Hiring professionals also save you valuable time. Don’t add anything else to your plate so you can worry less before, during, and after the move. At Eager Beaver Moving & Storage, we also offer top-notch take-down and set-up services and will add extra team members to get your move completed in less time.

Reduce Your Stress

While you’re changing locations, your team is working hard to make sure your customers have everything they need. So, why not make sure your team has everything they need for the move? Instead of passing out additional duties to team members who may not feel comfortable moving items or setting them up, you can have it all done for you, leaving your team to navigate the new environment easily.

Start Working Sooner

With everything ready to go for your team, you can start working again sooner. Depending on your business, you may even be able to work while we complete the move for you. Hiring the white glove service allows a quicker move, saving your business any unnecessary downtime.

Start on the Right Foot

You’ll always receive kind and considerate moving services from Eager Beaver, so you can start working from your new location with a great start. We move with efficiency and consideration for your neighbours and surrounding business in both the loading and unloading part of the move. With white glove services, we ensure that your business move is straightforward and smooth and leaves you fully set up to get back to business in your new space.

White Glove Office Move Services in Edmonton and Areas

Eager Beaver proudly offers white glove office moves to guarantee a quicker yet extra careful moving service for any business. Contact us today to get a free moving estimate.