5 Ideas for Helping Someone Move

When you imagine helping a friend or family member with their move, you might picture carrying boxes down steep flights of stairs or moving heavy furniture. While that might be the case, heavy lifting isn’t the only way you can help out your loved ones when they’re in the middle of a move!

There are plenty of ways to support a family member or friend during the moving process, whether it’s before, after, or on the big day. Here are seven ways you can make someone’s move easier than ever.


Help Pack

Helping someone pack is the most traditional way to help them out when they’re moving and for a good reason. Packing is one of the more challenging parts of moving, and the stress can be greatly reduced when you have a friend helping you out.

This doesn’t mean you have to do a big portion of the work—even just stopping by for an hour or two to help pack can be beneficial. Plus, having someone else there while you pack can be a great morale boost and makes the process a lot less lonely.


Watch Their Kids or Pets

Moving can be much harder when your loved one or friend has kids or pets they need to look after. Whether you babysit at their place or take them out, your friends and family will be grateful. Taking care of their little ones for a few hours can be incredibly helpful and will make your family member or friend’s day far easier.


Bring Them Food

This could be done before moving day, but it’s most effective on the big day or soon after they have moved in. When you’re struggling with the stress of moving, there’s no better way to give support than with a delicious meal.

On the day of the move, you might want to consider easy meals like take-out or fast food (and don’t forget the coffee!). But after they’ve moved into the home, cooking might not be their first priority. You could bring them a home-cooked meal as they’re getting settled. 


Help Them Downsize

Moving almost always involves downsizing and purging the items you no longer need, but this can be difficult to do on your own. Not only is it a lot of work, but you likely have sentimental attachments to many of these possessions, making them a lot harder to let go.

Being present and helping your loved ones downsize is helpful by lessening their workload and being the voice of reason. Is that object actually useful, or are they just emotionally attached to it? You can help them discern whether or not they actually need something, making the downsizing process easier.


Bring Them Supplies

You can never have enough packing supplies. At some point, your friend will probably run out of something, whether it’s moving boxes or packing tape. If you’re nearby or planning on stopping by, consider calling them to ask whether they need anything. 

While this might not seem like the most effective way to help someone move, it does more than you might think. Having to make that extra trip to purchase supplies can be a major hassle, so having a friend buy them and drop them off makes all the difference.


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