9 Must-Have Packing Supplies when Preparing for a Move

It can be a big job preparing for a home move and the best thing is to start preparing early to avoid unnecessary stress. Part of the moving process involves decluttering your home and getting rid of items you don’t need. Then, you can begin packing, starting with the items you barely use to the daily items you’ll need up to the date of your move.

The most important thing when it comes to packing your belongings is having the right supplies to hold and protect them, and in this post, we outline the essential packing supplies you’ll need to ensure you are ready for your move.


1. Packing Boxes

Packing boxes come in a variety of sizes, and they can hold a range of items, from books and board games to clothing and shoes. When selecting packing boxes, be sure to purchase good-quality boxes to accommodate the weight of their contents. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and use larger boxes for oversized and lightweight items.

2. Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

Bubble wrap is perfect for protecting delicate items, such as glass ornaments, figurines and artwork. Packing paper can also be used to wrap fragile items such as kitchenware and to fill any gaps in the box.

3. Packing Tape and Tape Guns

Purchase lots of high-quality packing tape to ensure your packing boxes are secured properly and won’t open up during transport. Tape the bottom, top, and side seams of the box and consider investing in a tape gun to make your job easier.

4. Mattress Covers

A comfortable mattress is a big investment, and we often purchase special protective covers to protect them during use. It’s equally important to protect your mattress from dirt and stains during the move, so buy a mattress cover for each of the mattresses you’re transporting to your new home.

5. Wardrobe Boxes

Suitcases and boxes are perfect for packing clothes that are easily folded, but have you given any thought on how to pack suits, dresses, and coats? Items that are not easily folded are better transported in a wardrobe box to avoid unnecessary creasing.

6. China Barrels

If you’re concerned about breaking your favourite china tea set or hand-sculpted pottery, we have the perfect solution for you! China barrels are double-walled corrugated boxes that are designed for packing fragile items like dishes, glassware, and dinnerware.

7. TV Boxes for Flat Screen TVs

Transport your flat-screen TVs safely to your new home by packing them in a specially designed TV box. TV boxes come in a range of sizes from small to extra large, so they can accommodate a variety of sizes of TV.

8. Chair Covers and Sofa Bags

Keep your furniture clean during the move by purchasing chair covers and sofa bags. Not only do they protect chairs and sofas from dirt, but they will also protect them from moisture in case of rain or snow.

9. Packing Labels

Purchase packing labels to write down an inventory of the contents of each box. This makes it easier to locate necessary items when you move into your new home, so you don’t have to rummage through several boxes.


Do You Need Professional Packing Services in Edmonton?

There may be occasions when it may be more convenient to hire a professional to do your packing for you. At Eager Beaver Moving & Storage, our crew of professional packers will ensure your belongings are protected and your boxes are organized and labelled for easy identification.


Where To Purchase Packing Supplies in Alberta

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