9 Types of Boxes & Moving Supplies We Sell To Make Your Move Smoother

When moving your most valuable possessions, there’s nothing as important as getting them there in perfect condition. Although it’s often tempting to accept free boxes from people you know during a move, some items can become damaged because of the weakened cardboard. Using strong, never-used cardboard boxes that have been designed for a specific purpose ensures that your belongings make it to your new location in pristine condition.

Not only are new cardboard boxes for moving strong, but they also come in various sizes for the different items in your home, from decor and crafting supplies to furniture and artwork. Here are nine different types of packing boxes and materials that will keep your belongings safe and secure during your move. You can find these items and many more on our website to get ready for your move.

1. TV Boxes

TV boxes are specially made to fit modern flat-screen TVs and protect them during your move. Simply add your TV to a box suitable to its size, add some bubble wrap for extra protection, and you’re ready to go!

2. Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are designed with built-in clothing racks to prevent damage and wrinkling to your favourite clothing items. Clothes can be hung along the rack on clothing hangers, just like in a regular closet, then the box is closed and sealed, protecting your clothes during your move.

3. Picture Boxes

These shorter, thinner boxes offer a safe space for flat fragile items, such as treasured photos, valuable artwork, mirrors, computers, and picture frames. The convenient size of these boxes prevents jostling during transport, with added room for bubble wrap for extra security.

4. China Barrels

A china barrel is a double corrugated box, providing extra support to move heavier items such as dishware and other breakable items and any additional protective materials you may add to further prevent breakage. The added thickness of these boxes helps to prevent the bottom of the box from tearing open or the box bending in on itself from the weight of your items.

5. Furniture Covers

Plastic furniture covers are helpful for preventing scuff marks and rips on furniture of every kind, including fabrics, leathers, synthetics, and wood.

6. Bubble Wrap and Other Insulating Essentials

Bubble wrap, bubble foam, packing paper, packing peanuts, and moving blankets are all essential shock absorbers that are added to moving boxes and help protect your fragile belongings from the jostling and bumps that are unavoidable during moving.

7. Shrink Wrap

This plastic film can be wrapped around any items that are not easily covered with plastic or packed away in a box. Shrink wrap helps to protect these items from scratches and damage that might happen during the moving process. Furthermore, it can help to secure loose items such as drawers, closet doors, or cords wrapped up in boxes.

8. The “Last-Minute Items” Box

A “Last-Minute Items” box is one of the most important aspects of any move. This is a box where you store items that you cannot live without for a day or two. Toiletries, medications, charging cords, essential documents, everyday clothing items, and your child’s favourite stuffed animal can live in this box while you pack the rest of your items and clean out your space.

9. Trustworthy Moving, Packing, and Storage Services

Packing Services

In a time crunch, or just unsure of how to pack correctly without breaking all your belongings? Hire professional packing services and alleviate the stress. Our team of professional packers will carefully pack your items and label them according to your specifications so that you can unpack them more easily at your new location.

Moving Services

Customers can trust our movers to transport their belongings from one location to the next safely and efficiently. You can submit details about your move and get a free moving estimate for your business or personal move!

Storage Services

Eager Beaver offers portable storage options, as well as secure, heated storage units in our warehouse facility for customers who experience a significant gap between their move-in and move-out dates.

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