7 Questions to Ask Your Long-Distance Moving Company in Edmonton

If you’re planning a long-distance move, you may consider hiring a long-distance moving company to help make the process go smoothly. Hiring professional movers to pack, load, and transport your furniture and belongings can significantly lower your stress during your transition. But not all moving companies are equal, so how do you find the best one? Here are seven questions to ask before you hire a long-distance moving company.


What Services Are Offered?

Preparing for a long-distance move requires work and organization. Depending on your circumstance, you may want to take care of the majority of the prep and packing yourself, while others may be searching for a full-service moving team that takes care of packing and transit. When you compare moving companies, research the scope of services they offer so you can pick the best line-up of services for your needs. For example, do they offer packing services? Do they have storage options? Do they sell packing materials? Those details can help you choose which company to use.


Cancellation Policy

If you are preparing to move a long distance, we hope you have no reasons to cancel or delay your move date! But, in the event that you do need to cancel, ask each moving company what their cancellation policies are. At Eager Beaver Moving & Storage, we require a minimum of 72 hours’ notice if you want to receive a refund for the initial deposit. Cancelling within the 72-hour window comes with an administration charge for the preparation and scheduling we’ve done to get ready for your move.


How Are Fees Calculated?

One essential factor in choosing a service is knowing how the fees are calculated. The rate structure can also be an indicator of what the company values. For example, we charge an hourly rate because our movers are professionals who work efficiently yet with care to ensure your belongings are loaded safely and securely. We don’t waste time taking the moving truck to weigh scales. All moves do include a fuel service charge that is included in the detailed estimate, so you know what your move will cost without any hidden fees or surprises after the fact.


What Does the Insurance Cover?

Knowing whether or not your belongings are protected against damage or loss on the part of the moving company can give you peace of mind as you prepare to move. If a company has an insurance policy, it will typically cover its liability in the event of damage or loss of items during transit, handling, or storage. You can ask the company what levels of insurance coverage are available and what they include.


Are the Movers Professional and Trustworthy?

When you’re going to trust a moving company with your life’s belongings, you want to know that they are professional and trustworthy. You can start by asking whether the company conducts background checks on its employees and whether they are full-time employees or outsourced help. Research the company website to see what its mission or business philosophy is. Knowing the background of the company, along with who is working for them, can help you determine whether to hire them or not.


Read Long-Distance Movers Reviews

A reputable, established moving company will have customer reviews either on their website, Google, or other customer review sites. It’s normal for a business to have a variety of reviews, but you want to find one that has a majority of positive ones. Reading some testimonials will give you an idea of how past customers have experienced their services.


What Should I Know About Packing?

A long-distance move requires careful packing of fragile items and padding to prevent the contents of boxes from shifting in transit or sustaining damage. You may want to ask the moving company for any tips or advice for packing up your home. If you are going to pack your items yourself, getting advice from the company can help you prepare for a successful move. If the company will pack for you, ask how you can prepare your belongings to make their work easier on moving day.


Long Distance Moving Company in Edmonton

Eager Beaver Moving & Storage can answer all your questions and more on our FAQ page. And if you don’t see the answer to your questions on our website, please reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we’re happy to answer any concerns you may have.