What to Expect From a Moving Estimate

Tips and Tricks for Getting Upfront Pricing from Edmonton Movers

When planning for a move, budgeting is likely one of your first tasks. If you are working with a reputable moving company in Edmonton, they’ll be able to provide you with upfront pricing, whether in terms of an hourly rate or a flat rate. This will help you plan for your move and get the right level of services for your budget.

Types of Rates for Moving

No two moves are the same, which is why pricing for a move can be variable. At Eager Beavers Moving, we provide an hourly rate so that we can make sure we complete the job from start to finish. As long as you provide us with accurate details over the phone or online when booking, we can offer you a likely price point that will ensure a clean, well-organized move.

We can also provide flat rate quotes when requested, but this does require us to come out to both locations to ensure we know exactly what needs to be completed.

Keep in mind that hourly moving rates in Edmonton are typically higher at the beginning and end of the month and on weekends due to much higher volume. Similar to airlines, this is standard practice in the industry, and encourages people who are able to be flexible in their schedule to book a move during a slower time of the week or month.

Local Moves, Office Moves & Long Distance Moves

Movers in Edmonton should include everything you need in a moving quote, plus a few optional extras to make your move easier. Our move estimates include all your basic needs, such as the moving truck, fuel, and movers for loading and unloading. We can also include extras at your request, such as packing services, storage services, and packing supplies.

Moving Add-Ons

If you’re looking for a higher level of service from your Edmonton movers, you can be almost completely hands-free in your move. Make sure to ask what is included and what can be included at an extra cost when you book your movers to ensure you are fully prepared for moving day.

Storage Services

When there is a delay between move-out and move-in dates, storage services can ensure your belongings are taken care of in the interim. Some moving companies in Edmonton offer secure storage facilities. Our heated 10,000 square foot storage facility is perfect for keeping belongings safe while you’re in a transition period. If you do have a gap between your move-in and move-out dates, we highly recommend looking into Edmonton moving companies that offer storage—this makes for a seamless move.

Packing Services

Packing a whole home (or even an apartment) can feel like an endless and daunting task. For a full start-to-finish move, you can have our professional movers pack your belongings at your pick-up location and unpack items at the drop-off location. We can even help set up furniture so you are ready to walk straight into your new home or office and start enjoying it right away.

Moving Supplies 

Proper moving supplies can make the difference between a successful move and a not-so-successful move. Our movers will bring everything needed and more to ensure any last-minute items are properly packed and transported. Any moving supplies needed, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, and mattress bags can be added to your move at any time with your approval.

Book Your Stress-Free Move with Our Edmonton Movers

Eager Beaver Movers offers moving services and professional packing services for your home or office. Our movers in Edmonton are always ready to do a great job with any type of move. We have many years of experience backing our fair, transparent pricing, and we are always happy to answer your moving questions upfront. Call us today to learn more or request your free moving estimate online now.