How Beaver Bundles save you time and money

Everything You Need for an Edmonton Move in a Single Packing Kit

When you move from one home to another, it is important to ensure that you pack as efficiently as possible. This involves using all of the right materials and boxes of the right size. Optimizing the way you pack up your belongings can save you a lot of stress on the day of your big move.

People tend to underestimate how much packing material they need when moving and how difficult it can be to find high-quality boxes of the right size that will hold up during your move.  This is why knowing where to find proper moving boxes and other supplies is key! Using high-quality materials to pack will help you feel at peace knowing that your belongings are safe and sound on a moving day.


Book Your Move With Eager Beaver and Get a Beaver Bundle

Aside from providing professional moving services in Edmonton and across Western Canada, at Eager Beaver Moving and Storage, we’re proud to offer clients who book their move with us a discounted Beaver Box Bundle. Each bundle comes with several durable moving boxes, as well as high-quality packing materials that will hold up during your move. Beaver Box Bundles are curated with the size of your home in mind. This means that whether you have a 4-bedroom house or a studio apartment, you can rest assured that we will provide you with everything you need for a smooth move day!


Boxes to Fit Your Needs

When it comes to picking boxes for your move, there is a lot to think about. First and foremost, you should consider the size. It is important to have boxes of different sizes when planning your move to ensure that you can pack efficiently. For instance, you might want a few large, 4.0 cubic feet boxes for kitchen appliances, as well as some smaller ones for things like books. Eager Beaver has accounted for all of the different box sizes your move requires by curating our Beaver Box Bundles with multiple box sizes, ranging from 1.5 to 5.0 cubic feet, depending on the size of your home.


All of the Supplies You Need

The last thing you want is to be packing up your belongings a few days before your move and realize you do not have enough moving supplies. Maybe you underestimated the number of boxes you needed, or you forgot to buy enough rolls of tape. We’ve all been there! There are many unexpected materials, like packing paper or bubble wrap, that you might not even be thinking of when planning your move.

With a Beaver Box Bundle, you never need to worry about forgetting to buy something you need for your move. Each bundle includes multiple rolls of high-quality packing tape, at least one 25-lb roll of packing paper, as well as a 100’ roll of bubble wrap. We take the guesswork out of packing by adjusting the amount of material provided based on the size of your home so you always have the supplies you need.


How It Works

Ordering a Beaver Box Bundle is easy! On our website, start by choosing your bundle size — this is based on the approximate size of your home. We offer bundles suitable for move sizes ranging from studio apartments to 4-bedroom homes. Once you select your size, you can view specific details on the materials that will be provided in your bundle, including the number of boxes of each size and other materials provided, like bubble wrap and packing tape. The amount of material provided in each Beaver Box Bundle is based on estimates given by our expert movers, so you can rest assured that they will meet the needs of your move.


Your Local Movers in Edmonton

Eager Beaver Moving and Storage is more than just your average moving company in Edmonton. Aside from being reliable movers, we are proud to provide Beaver Box Bundles to clients to ensure a stress-free move. With everything you need in a single moving kit, our bundles let you focus on packing without worrying about running around the city for supplies.

Our moving crew is happy to help you simplify your move experience by providing trustworthy services and materials to fit all your needs. If you have already booked your move with our professional movers, you can receive a discount on your Beaver Box Bundle. Otherwise, feel free to reach out for a free estimate on your move and ask us about the bundles we offer.