How Our Portable Storage Units Make Moving Easier and Faster

How Our Portable Storage Units Make Moving Easier & Faster

At Eager Beaver Moving and Storage, we prioritize storage as much as your actual move. Since 1984, we have helped families move from one house to another and transition to the next great stage of their lives. Our Edmonton-based and family-owned moving business takes pride in our ability to move your belongings to your new home while you focus on the more important things. Our company now offers portable storage units in sizes of 16 or 20 feet for residential or commercial storage, as well as indoor heated warehouse storage.


We Accommodate To You

When it comes to your storage needs, our staff can help you select both size and quantity of storage containers suitable for your belongings. Then we’ll schedule a date that works for you and deliver our containers right to your door. You can take all the time you need to load your belongings or book a full service, and we’ll load your portable storage unit for you. When you’re ready, we can deliver your storage unit right to your new home. Once you’re moved in, you can unload it at your own pace or book a full service, and we’ll unload it for you. For further questions, visit our FAQs page.


Not ready to move or unpack? We can store it for you at our storage facility for added convenience.


Why Would I Need A Portable Storage Unit?

Every moving experience is different, and not all go according to plan. Sometimes possession dates don’t line up, and suddenly you may find yourself with no place to keep your belongings while transitioning between your old home and your new one. Inside our waterproof portable storage units, everything from your child’s playhouse to your grandmother’s jewelry box is stored safely and protected from damage, loss, and theft.


Less Stress While Moving

Moving can be exhausting and stressful, and the need to get everything unpacked from a moving truck before your driver finishes their shift doesn’t help matters either. Don’t rush the moving process and risk losing or damaging your belongings, or worse, overexerting and hurting yourself. Rent one of our portable storage units to protect your items and alleviate stress instead. These units allow you to take your time with your move. There’s no rush to unload everything from a truck or van, allowing you to move your items over a series of days or weeks if you prefer.


Temporary Storage While Renovating

Maybe you’re not moving at all. Maybe you simply want to renovate your old home to better suit your needs. There still lies the problem of where to put all your possessions. We have your storage solution. Don’t crowd your house. Allow us to help you with our portable storage units.


Portable Storage Works All Year Round

As Canadians, we understand the restrictions that our northern weather imposes upon our lives. The cold can cause permanent damage to your beloved items, making garage or shed storage hazardous. However, Eager Beaver Moving and Storage offers a solution to your problems. We offer heated indoor storage at our 10,000-square-foot storage facility on the south side of Edmonton.


You can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safely protected with us. Before we move your items into storage, we professionally wrap them in moving blankets to prevent marks, scratches, dents, or any other damage. Your items are then carefully stacked into wooden crates for protection and organization. This makes it easier to distinguish your items from those of our other customers, making it easier to return your items to you once you’re ready to move into your new home or move back into your old one.


More Affordable Than Other Storage Facilities

At Eager Beaver Moving and Storage, we offer larger units at a comparatively lower price compared to other companies. This creates more space for you to store your belongings confidently.


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Let us handle the stress of moving while you focus on the excitement of starting the next chapter in your life. With our portable storage units and heated indoor storage facility, Eager Beaver Moving and Storage is here for you.