What You Should Look for in Last-Mile Moving Services for Stores

What You Should Look for in Last-Mile Moving Services for Stores

A last-mile move service refers to transporting merchandise from one location to the final destination. This could be from a distribution centre to a local store or from a retailer to a customer’s home. Covering the transportation for this last leg of the journey is essential and requires reliable, secure transport.

Who Needs Last-Mile Moving Services?

A company or individual may need to use last-mile moving services for a variety of reasons: it may be that you’re transporting high-end products, which often need special care and consideration only achievable through a trusted moving company; maybe you require overnight shipping and receiving to meet product fulfilment deadlines; your order may be too big to pick up yourself from the distribution centre; or, it could be that you simply can’t find the time in your busy schedule to pick-up your products yourself. Whatever the reason may be, you need to have confidence that your transport company will complete the final mile of delivery in Edmonton every time.


Looking for a Trustworthy and Reputed Company

When you’re looking for the right company for a last-mile move, there are certain factors you may want to keep in mind:

  • Are they a legitimate moving company with experience?
  • How are their customer reviews?
  • Are they insured?

A reputable company will offer insurance and value protection options so you can feel assured that your items are protected in the event of damage or loss.

Another way to tell that a company is reputable is by reading their customer reviews and testimonials. You’ll find customers needing similar service to you and their experience. If the majority are positive, then you’ve likely found a good fit.


Why Moving Vans Can Be More Discreet

Package theft has become a serious issue in Edmonton and many other cities in Alberta. This aptly named ‘porch piracy’ causes anxiety in many customers and businesses over whether or not their purchases will arrive safely at their final location. The benefit of using a standard moving van for last-mile moving means that you’re merchandise which won’t draw the same attention of parcel thieves as other well-known commercial business vehicles. Thieves tend to focus on delivery company vans that are known to deliver new items.

Other benefits of a moving truck include the following:

  • More secure doors.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.
  • Easy to load and unload.
  • Experience transporting items of high value.

These benefits reduce the window of opportunity for thieves to strike and ensure your purchase is secure at every step of the delivery process.


Hire Professional Movers

While many companies may prefer to outsource these tasks to commercial parcel delivery services or attempt to do it in-house, using a professional moving company may just be your safest and most efficient option.

Hiring a discrete, experienced moving company for pick up and delivery not only saves you the time and stress of having to do so yourself but is also safer for both you and your items. If you’re not well-equipped to handle or lift heavy items, you may risk injuring yourself or damaging your goods. Damage to your merchandise or your body can result in a loss of time, money, and other resources.


Last Mile Delivery in Edmonton

At Eager Beaver Moving and Storage, we guarantee reliable customer service for last-mile moves in Edmonton. All our employees are full-time workers who’ve been carefully selected based on their work ethic and reliability. We don’t source labour from temp companies as they are typically inexperienced and may not be as reliable as our permanently vetted and trained employees. You can rest easy that everyone involved in your moving process is trustworthy and well-qualified for the job. We will pick up your purchases from the distribution centre, then deliver and unload them efficiently and carefully at their final destination.

Let us handle that final mile so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Contact us for a free estimate for any of our trusted and reliable services, or check out our FAQ page for more information.