How to Hold a Pre-Moving Sale

How to Hold a Pre-Moving Sale

Moving companies in Edmonton and other locations often charge for moving services by weight. So, why not lighten the load on your truck (and your wallet) by getting rid of some of those items that have been taking up space in your house?

Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller home or just want to free up some space, pre-moving sales can help you prepare for your new house. You’ll also heavily reduce the amount of packing, moving, and unpacking that needs to be done before you settle into your new home.


What to Sell, Trash, and Keep

Before you begin prepping your moving sale, you’ll need to know what should be kept, what needs to be sold, and what should go in the trash. You likely have a sentimental attachment to many of the objects in your home, but think carefully about whether it will be useful in your new home, and whether it’s practical for you to move it or not. Do you need to replace it with something new? Can it be refinished or cleaned?


Holding a Successful Pre-Moving Sale

When to Hold Your Moving Sale

Most garage sales are held on weekends, seeing as many people will have the day off. However, there are situations when hosting it on a weekday might be better. A sale might attract more traffic when people are driving past it on their way to or from work.

It also might depend on what you’re selling. If you’re selling lots of children’s items, you could likely attract more stay-at-home moms on a weekday afternoon. Whatever time you choose, make sure to hold your sale at least a few weeks in advance of your moving day. That way, you won’t feel rushed.


Pricing Your Items

Proper and reasonable pricing is key to the success of your sale. Remember that the goal of this sale is to rid yourself of unwanted and unnecessary objects – the money you’ll earn is just an added benefit. Websites like Kijiji and Craigslist will help you get an idea of what price your items should be. As a rule of thumb, items should typically be priced at 30% of the original retail price; however, there are many factors that will affect the price, so take your time with pricing.


Setting Up Your Sale

When prepping your sale, there are a few extra measures you can take to ensure its success. First, make sure all items are properly prepared – wrinkled clothes and dusty objects aren’t appealing to your prospective buyers.

Second, check that you have good lighting and organized displays. Look for a simple way to organize your items, such as by category – dishware, clothing, books, etcetera. If your sale is messy or cluttered, no one will take the time to go through all of the items available.


What to Do with Leftover Items

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sell everything, but what can you do with the items that don’t get sold? If you feel like an item can still go to use, consider donating it to an organization such as Goodwill. You can also take items to recycling centres like the Reuse Centre in Edmonton.


Move Your Moving Sale Online

Of course, moving sales in the COVID-19 era are much more likely to be held online. Consider creating an inventory of items in order to keep you organized, especially if you are selling your items online. This will help you keep track of listings, pickups pending, and other details. Also, be sure to take great photos of your sale items. Good lighting, a nice display surface, a steady hand, and a smartphone are all you need to achieve this.


Moving Out? We Can Help!

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