The Best 9 Tips For Packing a Closet For a Move

When it comes to packing your closet in readiness for a move, you’d be surprised how much work it can take and how many moving boxes you will need! This job is not one you’ll want to leave until moving day, and with some thoughtful preparation, you can clean out your closet and be ready for your move all at the same time.


Prepare Your Closet In Advance

When you consider the seasonal aspects of your wardrobe, you probably use less than half of the items at any given time. By sorting and organizing your clothing prior to your move, it will be much easier to unpack and store them when they reach their new home.


Sort and Purge

After many years of living in one place, it’s easy for clothing and accessories to accumulate in closets and dresser drawers. Sort and purge your closet in the same way that you declutter other areas of your home.

Pull out each clothing item and organize them into piles of clothes that you will keep, donate or throw away. By clearing out unused clothing, you won’t be transporting unnecessary items that will clutter up your new home.


Box Up Seasonal Items

Once you’ve decided on the items, you wish to keep, separate them based on seasonal items. We all have clothes we only wear at specific times of the year, so if you are enjoying the summer heat, pack up your warm sweaters, thermal wear, and boots.

Be selective with your current wardrobe too. Packing the clothes you can do without and keeping only what you need will make packing these items way easier when it comes to moving day.


Pack Up Your Shoes

Shoes need special attention when packing for a move. Use packing paper to stuff each shoe, so they retain their shape, or alternatively, use socks and washcloths. Shoes should also be wrapped individually with packing paper to prevent scuffing.

Resist the urge to pile all your shoes into a box, as the weight might damage the items that sit at the bottom of the box. Pile shoes no more than 2- 3 layers deep, placing them carefully in the box. Hard suitcases are also ideal for transporting shoes as the hard shell helps to keep the shape of the shoe intact.


Have Supplies on Hand

When you pack your clothes for moving, you will need cardboard boxes, packing tape, and labels. Utilize items you already have; empty duffel bags and suitcases can be used to transport your clothes and helps to save space and money.

Clothes should be folded neatly using the flat fold method for bulky items such as jeans and sweaters. We recommend using the military roll method for smaller delicate items such as shirts and dresses. Keep a supply of small garbage bags on hand to separate socks, underwear, and other intimate items before placing them into your box.

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Vacuum Seal Bags

Use vacuum-sealed bags are great tools to condense and transport bulky clothing items such as jackets and Winter coats. Removing air can greatly reduce the amount of space these items will take up in your boxes.


Why Use a Wardrobe Box?

Wardrobe boxes are the perfect solution for transporting hanging clothes. By simply lifting your clothing from your closet to the wardrobe box, the task of packing, transporting, and unloading your clothes is much easier. In addition, this method of packing prevents wrinkling, so it is ideal for suits and fancy dresses.


Prepare Your Hangers

Please don’t throw your empty hangers randomly into a box! Messy hangers are difficult to untangle and may also get damaged during transit. Stack your hangers in groups and use an elastic band to secure them together neatly.


Secure Your Boxes

Use lots of packing tape to secure the bottom and top of the box, and add extra tape to the seams with particularly full or heavy boxes. Labeling your boxes and bags will allow you to quickly identify the items you need after the move for easier unpacking.


Closets that Move and Other Packing Supplies

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We also offer specialized solutions such as wardrobe boxes as well as China barrels, picture, and TV boxes that help to keep your fragile items safe. Simply order your supplies online and pick them up at our location.

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